Ysense Review 2023: How to Earn Money from Ysense Program?

Today, most people are searching the internet to make money online. There are some genuine methods are available, and large scams are also there. In this article, I am going to share about YSense Reviews aka Clixsense Reviews.

Cilxsense is one of the popular GPT sites that provides several ways to make money online. Ysense, Erstwhile Clixsense, was named as Queen of PTC Sites in the last decade.

Started operations in 2007 as a simple Paid to Click site, had gradually expanded into a big GPT site. I have started my online career with this site in 2009, now I am making a couple of decent monthly revenue from this site.

Every people’s dream is to earn some additional money by doing some part-time jobs or work from home jobs. Though there are lots of online jobs are available, not all jobs are suitable for all people.

But, Ysense is completely the best selection for all people irrespective of their skills and knowledge. In this article, I am going to share my experience and knowledge gained from this great site.

I will also guide you on how to register a free account with this site and start your online earnings. You must have a PayPal account to request your payout. Let’s dive into the article.

What is Ysense (formerly known as Clixsense)


ysense review

Clixsense is an online platform that allows advertisers to show ads and drive targeted and unique traffic to their business website. Initially, this site was started to serve a single purpose that allows publishers and advertisers to meet in one place.

Anyone from any country of legal age can easily register a free account with this website using their Gmail account. This website provides an easy way for high school students to job goers to earn some extra income by doing side hustles in their free time.

Later, they have expanded their operations and turned out to be one of the top GPT sites with multiple earning opportunities. This will increase the earnings of an individual. Through their deep level affiliate program, one can earn a life-time affiliate commission apart from their regular earnings.

Some Important Stats:

1. Business Started in 2007
2. Almost all countries can participate
3. Minimum Withdrawal for Premium Members is $2 and Free Members is $8 4. Multiple Payout Options (PayPal, Payoneer)
5. Free Registration
6. Multiple earning opportunities

If you are badly searching to earn money online by doing simple tasks, Ysense will be your best choice. This site is a perfect earning platform for teenagers to make some extra cash in their free time.

How do I get started?

Clixsense is a common platform that allows all people to earn money by working in multiple ways. By spending a few minutes from your daily routine you can able to make an additional $1 to $5. You can use these small payments for paying bills, or spending as your pocket money.

To become a Clixsense Member, the process is very simple. You need to visit the website and complete a simple registration process. Then you need to verify your email ID.

Once the first step is completed, you should log in to their dashboard and add your Bio, Address, Phone Number, and Profile Image.

Ysense, aka Clixsense, has multiple payment options. I suggest going with Payoneer Account. PayPal is also suggested, but due to their high fees, I recommend Payoneer. It’s up to you.

All these payment gateways are identified using Gmail ID, so you need to type your registered Gmail id in the respective form. Don’t forget to save your profile.

After this, you need to complete your profile surveys so that you will be invited to earn from their survey program. After completing this survey, you will earn $0.05 immediately. That’s all your income starts now.

What are the Requirements?

Ysense (Clixsense) is a very genuine site, and your account is integrity and your payment is based on your activity. Since all your account activities are being monitored and scanned by their extensive firewall network, you should be careful in operating your clixsense account.

Public Internet (wifi) is not allowed because there may be other persons who also logged in to their account. Having more accounts leads to suspension. You should avoid working in Internet centers, malls and theatre wifi’s, etc.

Also, even in your home, you should not log in to multiple accounts in your home or office internet (wifi). Every account should be operated through a unique IP address.

So, now will see the requirements:

1. A Gmail Account
2. Bank Account (to receive your payments)
3. PayPal, Payoneer, and/or Skrill Account
4. A desktop computer with an Internet connection (or Laptop is OK)

Strictly no proxies are allowed. Multiple accounts under the same IP will also be suspended.

How to Start Making Money from Ysense(Clixsense)?

There are four different ways you can earn money from Ysense. Doing online surveys, completing offers, doing micro-tasks offered by Appen, formerly known as Crowdflower or Figure Eight., and referring others (affiliate program).

1. Taking Online Surveys:

Online Surveys are the set of questions asked to understand the people’s opinion about the product or service. These surveys are usually conducted by MNC Companies and corporates to collect some market data which can they use to improve their products or services.

Sometimes, they also conduct surveys to launch a new product.  Coming to Ysense (Clixsense), Paid surveys are the most popular method of earning money from clixsense.

Once you have completed your simple registration process, you will discover multiple survey opportunities in your account dashboard. All you need is to log in every day and complete these available surveys for money.

In order to get eligibility for the surveys, you need to complete your profile surveys. Also, regularly update our profile surveys to increase your chances of getting more surveys in the future. This method of earning is further classified into two types – survey invites and daily survey routers.

Survey Invites:

In the first method, called survey invites, you will be directly invited by sending an invitation email to your registered email address. These types of surveys are directly conducted by suppliers.

  • Create a habit of checking your email inbox every day for new survey invitations. ∙ Once you received an invitation, log in to your Clixsense account to attend the surveys.
  • Every survey in this division pays you a minimum of $0.25 to $2 or sometimes even more as per the length of the survey.
  • Login surveys usually pay more.
  • Most surveys will credit the reward money instantly to your Clixsense account except to those marked with a red flag for an audition.

Note: Flagged surveys will take a maximum of 30Days after completion to credit the money. But you will get paid once your answers are found to be genuine.

Daily Survey Routers:

Whenever you log in to your Ysense (Clixsense) account, surveys are available every day. You are allowed to take any or all available surveys daily. Login multiple times a day to see more surveys available in your account.

Sometimes, you may be rejected from certain surveys. Possible reasons are un-qualified profiles, failure to pass screening questions, or your answers during the surveys sometimes not match with your profile surveys.

Don’t worry, when you are not qualified for the survey. Because it all happens in this online money-making field. There are more surveys to come in the future, so, focus on those surveys to earn a good amount of money from them. Ysense (Clixsense) is tied up with many top online survey companies to provide surveys to all their members.

So, login multiple times a day to take more surveys and complete them successfully to earn money.

2. Completing Offers:

Clixsense joined hands with APPEN (Formerly known as Figure Eight or CrowdFlower), one of the most renowned online platform for micro-taskers.

So, let me explain to you what is meant by Micro-task? It is a small, temporary task created to execute or perform a particular function or work.

It includes both online and offline jobs. Some of the example micro-tasks are writing blogs, virtual assistance, finding details on the Internet, etc.

I believe that you all know about, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk). APPEN is also a similar online portal offering jobs for all people across the world.

In Clixsense, you can discover such micro-jobs offered by APPEN. Clixsense in partnership with APPEN offers multiple tasks for their members every day to earn more income from their website. To participate in this earning method, you need to create a free account with APPEN.

  • Login to your clixsense and move to Tasks Section. Go through the instructions and information before beginning.
  • Now, scroll down to complete your first task (Register an Account with APPEN) for $0.01.
  • Click the associated link, so that, you will be taken outside of Clixsense and move to APPEN.
  • Complete the simple registration procedure. They will ask a few questions including your bio, academics, profession, etc.
  • Answer all the questions and finish creating a free account with APPEN. ∙ Now, come back to clixsense to earn $0.01 for completing this small task.

Log in every day to see more available tasks. Complete more tasks to earn more money. Note that, take your tasks seriously because too many rejections often lead to a ban.

There is no ultimate limit on the number of tasks per user. You can complete all available tasks in your account and earn more revenue.

3. Completing Various Offers:

Ysense (Clixsense) always comes with multiple earning opportunities for its members. Out there, offer walls are one of the best methods to increase your daily revenue from this platform.

After your registration, you can see a lot of offers available in this section. This includes downloading and installing an app on your smartphone.

If you are a regular online shopper, find a suitable offer on their wall. Complete the same to earn rewards and cashback.

Your payment for completing offers will be credited after time or a few days. Because it has to be verified and approved by the offer provider. Normally, all the offers will pay you anywhere from $0.1 to $1.

Based on your geographic location, you do get some good offers. This section is suitable for people from Tier-1 countries where they can earn a lot of income.

4. Affiliate Program:

This is the most lucrative program from Ysense (Clixsense). Actually, if you have joined this program through my affiliate link, I will earn a lifetime commission. Yes, Man, Lifetime, or as long as you are active on this website.

There is a great potential for generating great revenue through their affiliate program. You can get your unique affiliate link after registering your account.

Use the unique referral link and invite your friends, relatives, or office colleagues to join their program. Once they started to generate money, you will earn 30% of their earnings lifetime.

Your affiliate income will not be deducted from their earnings, but it’s an additional incentive given to your marketing activity. So start telling your friends and relatives about this lucrative program and join them to earn money.

Highlights of their affiliate program:

1. For every new affiliate signup, you will earn a signup commission from $0.10 to $0.30 based on their country tier.
2. If your referred person made their first $5 (commissions and bonuses are not included), you will earn a $2 referral commission.
3. On every successful completion of online surveys, offers, and tasks your referrals complete, you will 20% commission.
4. If your active referral in a calendar month is more than 100, you will get an additional 5% referral commission from their activities such as completing surveys, offers, and tasks.
5. If your active referral in a calendar month is more than 200, you will get an additional 10% referral commission from their activities such as completing surveys, offers, and tasks.

The more active you are, the more you earn.

Is Clixsense Legit?

Undoubtedly, Yes. Ysense (Clixsense) does not involve in any scam in their history. Started in the year 2007, they have proven themselves to be the most genuine online platform that allows people to earn money in their free time. You can blindly register an account with this site and start making money.

Is it Worth My Time?

Ysense (Clixsense) is not a platform to get rich quick, but you can earn some decent revenue daily. Your earnings depends on how much you are active on this site, attending surveys, completing offers and tasks, referring other people.

If you don’t have the opportunity to refer more people or you are not from tier1, tier2 countries, then it’s a waste of time for you. Because surveys are mostly available for the people from the top tier countries. However, you can earn some more money by referring others from top tier countries.

Top Tier Countries list:

United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Mexico, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates.

Final Thoughts:

In this article, I have explained the different ways to earn from clixsense. Ysense (Clixsense) is a real genuine site that allows every people to make some money in their free time. Let me tell you some tips that help you to grow your revenue from this site. It is being followed by me, my friends, and everyone who uses Yxsense to earn money.

1. Install ClixAddon on your browser to get instant notification of new surveys, offers, and tasks.

2. Login multiple times a day to check new surveys, offers, and tasks.

3. Share your referral link, your daily progress, earning chart in your social media profile daily (Strictly No Spamming).

4. Send at least 10 emails daily sharing the earning opportunity from clixsense with your referral link.

5. Set a short-term goal of bringing in at least 20 active referrals every month.

Don’t procrastinate and start doing it today. I believe that this article about Clixsense Reviews is an eye-opener for your online earning search.

Put your consistent effort for the next 4 – 6 months to see some decent money generated regularly in your account.
I am 100% damn sure that this site will help you earn some pocket money which you can use for daily spending and other expenses.

I have made decent money from this site, and all the best for your start.

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