What Is Web Hosting and How Does It Work

Hello, friends today in this post I am going to share what is web hosting and how does it work. So please read this entire post and by the end of this article, you will be able to know all the basic details of web hosting. So friends without wasting any time let’s start this post.

What is Web Hosting and How does it work

What is Web Hosting and how it work

Web Hosting is a service provided by different web hosting companies to host our website files. Whenever a visitor requests any page from our site then the webserver is responsible to deliver those files to the visitor browser.

We store all our files and database on the server which is provided by these web hosting companies. Some web hosting is cheap while others are very costly.

Different Types of Web Hosting

There are many types of web hosting which are mentioned below:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Cloud Hosting
  4. Dedicated Hosting
  5. WordPress Hosting

Now let’s discuss each of these web hosting types.

1.Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, you are sharing the resources with other clients on a physical server. Shared hosting is best for beginners since during the initial stage their blog or website doesn’t have enough traffic. Shared hosting are very cheap and most of us can afford it very easily as compared to other hosting types.

But if your site gets a huge amount of traffic then shared hosting will be not suitable for you. In this case, you have to switch to other hosting plans like VPS, Cloud, or Dedicated Hosting.

You can do 1 thing is that when your website is small then host it in a shared hosting server but as your traffic grows you can move to other hosting types which I have mentioned above.

2. VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is suitable for high traffic sites or blogs. In VPS hosting you are given a fixed amount of space and resources. In this also you are sharing the physical server resources but in this hosting few clients are there so the performance and speed of your site is very good.

VPS Hosting is costly as compared to shared hosting. But you will get full access to your allocated space. You can install any application on your VPS server.

To understand it in a better way a VPS hosting is similar to shared hosting but the only thing is that you are given specific space and resources.

You will also get complete root access to your VPS hosting. VPS hosting might be tough to handle because in this you must have the technical knowledge. So for beginners, I would not recommend VPS Hosting.

3. Cloud Hosting

In Cloud hosting all your website files are stored on multiple cloud hosting servers. If one server crashes then your site will not go down because in cloud hosting they create a replica of your website on many different cloud servers.

So your website will be served to the visitor from the other cloud server. For high traffic sites cloud hosting is good since you will get the scaling option where you can increase your resources with just one click. I personally use cloud hosting from Cloudways.

Right now cloud hosting is in great demand as they are affordable and managing your site will be really easy.

4. Dedicated Hosting

In Dedicated hosting, you rent and an entire server so you can do anything on your dedicated server. It is more suitable for big company sites.

Dedicated hosting is expensive as compared to another web hosting. You will have full root access and can install any application on your dedicated server.

For using the dedicated hosting you will need to have technical knowledge otherwise you will find it hard to manage it.

With dedicated hosting, your sites will load very fast and you might also get a dedicated IP address.

5. WordPress Hosting

May web hosting companies are now providing WordPress hosting service which is specially designed for WordPress blogs.

WordPress is a very popular content management system. So if you will buy WordPress hosting then you will get a more optimized environment for your WordPress blog.  Here you will WordPress installed with just 1 click.

So you can start using your website and publish content. If you are not a technical user and want to start a WordPress blog then you can go for WordPress Hosting.

How Web hosting Works

How web hosting wok

As you can see in the above image the website files are hosted on the Web Host server. When a visitor request a page then the server serves those files to the website visitor through the internet.

All this process request from the visitor and web host happens very quickly.

So now the visitors can simply type the domain name in the address bar and access your site.

Web Hosting FAQ’s

1.Why do you need web hosting?

You will need web hosting to store your site’s files and database. The visitor has to type the domain name and your site will be accessible to your website visitors.

Web hosting is simply renting a space on the server so that your site can be accessed from any location through the internet.

2. Is Web Hosting Free?

Well, there are many hosting providers who give web hosting for free while others are paid. If you want my suggestion then never go for free web hosting as their service are not reliable. You can get shared hosting at a very cheap price

3. What is the difference between Web Hosting and Domain name?

Web hosting is used to store your website files and database while the domain name is used to access your website by entering the domain name in the address bar.

4. How much it cost to host your website?

Well, the price depends on your hosting requirement. Shared hosting is the cheapest while dedicated hosting is expensive. If you are on a tight budget then you can go for shared hosting and later you can switch to other plans.

5. Can I buy web hosting from one company and a domain from another?

Yes, you can do that. In fact, I also buy web hosting and domain names from different companies.

6. Can we take free web hosting?

Yes, there are many web hosts who provide web hosting for free but I would not recommend you to go with free hosting as they are not reliable as I said earlier.

Rather than going for free web hosting you can buy a shared hosting plan as their prices are very cheap and affordable.

7. Which Hosting company is best?

  • Bluehost
  • Dreamhost
  • Hostgator
  • Cloudways
  • SiteGround
  • A2 Hosting

If you are planning to start your WordPress blog then you can go with Bluehost. They are really good at providing good hosting for your blog or website.

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Final Words:

So friends this was all about what is web hosting and how it works. I really hope that loved this post and if you did then please give this post 1 like and also share it on your social media sites.

Apart from this if you have any query about web hosting then feel free to as me in the comment section below and I will give a reply to each and everybody’s comments. Till then read our other posts Thank you.

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