15 Best Online Part-time Jobs in India to Earn Money

Online Part time jobs are a good way to raise extra money from your home. There are many part-time offline jobs and online jobs that can provide you with additional revenue.

You have plenty of options if you want to make money from home. You can build the future you want now, more than ever before. To find an opportunity that works for you only requires a little imagination and outside-the-box thinking.

Jobs such as blog writing, publishing, graphic design, and marketing can be found on many sites. If you blog and are always trying to make cash online, this is the perfect place for you to know some great ways to make cash online.

Online Part time jobs have been one of the best ways to groom your skills online and you can enjoy your life at home. A majority of India’s householders and students work from home and have chosen careers from online staffing platforms as freelancers.

But usually, looking for online jobs means sifting through site after site. It is becoming more difficult to find legit online jobs as work openings become more competitive and new websites claiming to offer the best listings pop up.

That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to study each opportunity extensively and bring you the best internet jobs that can earn you a good income.

We’re sharing a list of top online jobs in this post that you can resume. Let’s check out the perfect ways to make money for a home online.

Why People Search for Part-time Jobs?

Online Part-time Jobs in India


Are you tired of going to and from the workplace every day? Have you thought that the 9 to 5 system isn’t your thing? Are you tired of the big traffic jams?

If yes is the answer to all of the above questions, online jobs are what you’re missing. You’ve undoubtedly heard people talk about online jobs and their benefits, but never given it a try.

Due to the tremendous advantages, the number of people working online has risen every day. Changes in the economy and habits of employment have made online jobs popular. People with various expertise and skills are doing online work.

There are several reasons for people searching for working part-time, including choosing to work less so that you have more free time, or just trying to keep ticking over the bank balance.

Most people will work 40 hours a week during a lifetime, often more, and it could be time for a change when they hit the normal retirement age.

Whatever the explanation, many individuals do not want to completely commit to one full time job. Part-time work varies from the normal eight-hour day, which can pose some problems and inconsistencies.

Although some argue that part-time allows more flexibility and power, others say that it is unforeseeable. This way of working can also mean a higher hourly wage, but it can also mean that income is less stable because it’s less of a commitment.

For others, it may be difficult to move from the mindset and routine of full-time jobs. Part time jobs are expected to rise in number as the popularity of the Gig Economy increases.

1. Extra Source of Income

If you need any extra cash, there’s no better way than online work. There is no investment to start work online, and you can work from your home, office, or any convenient venue.

In reality, thousands of people in India are earning a full-time income from online work. This is the hottest trend in India.

One of the beauties of this online career is that you don’t need any experience or technological expertise to start a job.

Even you are a newbie, just passed out of your college, there is an opportunity available for you to make some extra cash working online.

Job Goers can utilize their free-time or else evening time (after office hours) to do any part time jobs relevant to their field.

2. You Can Work at Your Own Hours

This may be the most important benefit of being a part-time worker. It allows you to pick and review the number of hours you work.

The desirable advantage is versatility! In comparison to full-time jobs that also means that you have to work daily, part-time work is often assigned for a certain period of time (or one that you and your employer agree to).

Compared to office jobs, online work is less stressful, because no one can follow or supervise you all the time. You’re going to prepare yourself and focus on what you’re best at.

Housewives and home moms can complete their routine jobs and then spend time working online. There is no time commitment to working on the Internet.

You can even spend your nights or early morning to perform the work. All you need is to deliver the project before the deadline and deliver to the client.

3. Have More Time to Do Other Things

With the power to monitor your time, you have the freedom to decide what to do with it. You may seek additional interests or responsibilities for part-time work.

Some people tend to follow recreational activities, while others have obligations to their families or communities. You may also improve your personal skills or even undertake further training with more time.

If you are an educated housewife or a home mom, you can spend your time with your kids. You can do part-time work after you complete your routine works like cooking, washing clothes, etc.

College students can continue their studies while making some money for their day-to-day expenses. The internet provides a lot of opportunities for everyone to earn some more income without disturbing their regular works.

4. Less Stress, More Flexibility:

Recent studies have supported the idea that working from home—for the right people— may increase productivity and reduce stress.

Research also shows that businesses that promote and endorse a work-from-home protocol actually save money in the long run—a bonus on the employer side.

It’s a common response when you ask people why they prefer working from home. Most would respond that their flexible work environment relieves the burden of their lives and gives them a better work-life balance.

Today, our workplaces are always on, it’s not the same thing as they were decades ago when you left the workplace and the job finally finished.

Today, most of us can work at any time wherever we are located, so it makes sense that the line is beginning to blur between work and life.

5. Time-Management:

The time you save by working remotely doesn’t just add up by eliminating your trip. Since your home office is now your workplace, you can spend less time preparing for work.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to want to start every day you’re still dressed in your pajamas, mind you. Having a shower and at least putting on a good day’s clothing helps you get to work.

This helps maintain a healthy balance between your self-employed professional and your casual at-home self. But if you wake up and feel like going back to work, working sometimes in what you wear to sleep is at least a choice you’ve never had before!

It helps your day to get off to a start that’s a little less hurried, which sets a better tone for the rest of the day.
Working from home and saving time while doing so can be dedicated to just about everything. You will spend more time with your family, take up a hobby, start exercising regularly.

Top Online Part-time Jobs in India

Online jobs can be lucrative, pay well, and put you on a promising career path if you pick them well, and you’re willing to do your work.

We’re living in a wonderful time, where you can get an accredited university degree from home and make a living from home.

Finding a job you can do online will give you a lot of versatility, so if you’re up to the challenge, we’ve built this list of jobs where you can work remotely.

1. Online Tutoring

The internet had brought a great revolution in our traditional teaching system. Classes have turned online and most students prefer attending online classes to regular classrooms.

One of the main reasons is that the students can select their lecturer and groom their academics from online classes. In India also, online classes are becoming a trend in most parts of the country.

Many school teachers, college professors have started teaching online and make decent monthly revenue. Online tutoring work gives you a chance to make some extra money right from your house. Especially if you’re a college graduate.

The great thing about online tutoring is that you can teach your students part-time. Just 2 to 3 hours a day is enough to earn Rs 10,000 – Rs 20,000 a month.

You must have some previous teaching or tutoring experience. You may pick the topic of your interest and make an hour-long video call session. Some of the subjects that you can choose from are

1. Mathematics
2. Physics
3. Financing
4. Economics
5. Accounting
6. Languages such as English, German, Japanese, etc.
7. Literature
8. Law
9. Sociology and so on.

How to Get a Job?

If you are ready to teach someone online, your first thing is to prepare a resume to submit in the online portals. There are so many online marketplaces that allow students, teachers, professors to become an online tutor.

Recommended Sites: Tutor Vista, Tutor Me, Vedantu, OkTutor

You need to join those sites listed above and complete the registration process to become an online tutor. First, complete a simple registration form and confirm your email ID. Then you will receive an interview call and if you are selected, you will become a tutor.

2. Social Media Manager

Today, social media have occupied every device and most people are spending nearly 8 hours a day on different social media platforms. Many people are spending the whole day on Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, etc.

Businesses have started to promote their products or services through these channels. Because through social media, businesses can reach their target potential customers directly through ads.

So there is a great demand for social media manages in their organization and companies. As social media managers are responsible for representing the company as the sole face of the brand through social networks.

They respond to comments, run AD campaigns, and produce content. These experts provide the requisite advice to organizations to improve their online presence.

With specific objectives such as: “improve website traffic” or “optimize brand awareness,” social media managers are expanding their business across social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Ten years ago, this position was non-existent. Today, more businesses are adopting social media for the acquisition of consumers, and social management is also critical.

Social media managers are culture specialists. Similar to PR experts, they know how to express the attributes of the brand in a positive light. A big social media manager knows how to build content, respond to customers, and engage leads.

In a fast-paced online economy, the best social media administrators often keep up-to-date with the latest developments on all social networks. They closely track algorithm changes and compile personalized tactics that cater to your brand’s goals.

3. Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing – often heard terms all over the Internet. It is a method of promoting a product or service directly to the end customers by using the Internet.

Today as I said earlier, many people are using various internet-enabled gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Through these devices, businesses can easily reach them through advertisements, emails, etc.

To perform this big task, the recently grown designation is the Digital Marketer. A person who is responsible for managing all activities like digital promotions, selling, business development, etc.

Unlike the previous few online jobs, digital marketing is very new to the scene. In the last five years, this job became very common, particularly among younger generations.

There are two great things about digital marketing work, the first is that you can do it online, and the second is remuneration, it’s very great.

Here are some digital marketing jobs

  • SEO, SEMO (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Contents and Video Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Marketing in E-Commerce
  • Web review
  • Mobile ads, and so on.

Right now, SEO jobs are in very high demand and selling like hotcakes. SEO experts, those who know their jobs are making a good amount of money working online.

How to Become a Digital Marketer?

There are so many ways you can find an opportunity in digital marketing. You can learn by yourself by starting a blog or attending short-term courses in your domestic location (3months to 6months).

Once you have gained enough knowledge, you can approach any digital marketing company for a part-time opportunity to work from home.

You can also find jobs in an online marketplace like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. There is a huge demand for digital marketers and a potential marketer can earn more than Rs.30,000 a month from home.

4. Web Designer

A website is a collection of webpages developed for an individual, a company, or an organization to showcase its products and services. So, people from any part of the world can visit their website to know their businesses.

The website is the virtual home of businesses where people come to visit your market place. In the digital world, the website is very essential as this is the doorway to your business.

Not anyone can easily develop a website and so the requirement for a Web Designer is quite large. The web designer is an IT specialist responsible for designing the architecture, visual presentation, and usability of the website.

A successful web designer requires both artistic graphic skills and technical skills. They need to be able to imagine how the web will look (the graphic design of the site) and how it will work (conversion of a design into a working website)?

The term Web Designer is frequently mistakenly exchanged with the term Web Developer and vice versa.

A web developer is also more likely to be a software developer working with programming languages to build a higher degree of interaction on a website, such as integration with a database system.

You don’t really need any formal training to get a job as a web designer. However, many web designers have experience in other design fields or have been trained in web design software either formally through college or self-teaching.

5. Freelance Writer

Digital Marketing, Websites, Social Media Promotion are all related to one another for a successful journey of any digital business. Any business needs a website and the website needs to be filled with content.

If you are doing a social promotion, you should write attractive and informative content that grabs the attention of the readers. Considering all these, content writing is becoming the most demand part-time job in today’s industry.

A content writer is responsible for writing content for websites, social media promotions, online publications, magazines, etc. Many people are making thousands of rupees working as a freelance content writer from home.

For many of you who can write there is no better online work than publishing. You can become a freelance writer via the numerous freelance websites listed here.

If you know there are thousands of freelance writers around the world who are earning a respectable online writing income.

In India, you can easily earn up to Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month of online writing.
There are different types of jobs in content writing and you can find suitable ones based on your skill and knowledge.

1. Editing and Proofreading
2. Ghostwriting
3. Web content writing
4. Technical writing
5. Business writing
6. Copywriting
7. Newspaper writing

If you’re a writer who can write plain English without any grammatical mistake, there’s no shortage of online writing work.

6. Resume Writer

Resume Authors prepare resumes or summaries of the credentials of the candidate who is looking for a job. Resume writers are mindful that prospective employers will only look briefly at a resume.

The resume is your entry point to land a perfect job based on your skill and academics. Any employer first reviews your resume before calling you for the interview.

So it is the most important document that every student or an employee needs to prepare for applying for a job. Hire a resume writer’s to perform this task for you because they are professionally trained.

They are also designing the applicant’s resume in such a way that it easily gives a favorable impression. Resume authors ensure that the curriculum vitae describes the applicant’s credentials, work history, and experience in a simple and readable format.

Resume authors are searching for the right template to attract the interest of a future employer. They may build the applicant’s work experience on paper in a number of ways. They may recommend a number of methods for printing resumes.

Resume writers often know the right terms to use when listing the credentials, abilities, education, and work history of the candidate.

On average, a resume writer can earn up to Rs.10,000 per resume professionally written. If you have such a talent, you can easily find a part-time job online.

7. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who offers business support services from a remote location. He/she is responsible for all activities like checking emails, calling a client, arranging a meeting, maintaining a book of records, etc.

Administrative and Management tasks are the most popular virtual assistant jobs available online for working part-time. But, a virtual assistant can able to work on all other elements as per the company requirement.

Virtual assistants are particularly popular with entrepreneurs and online companies that need support but do not want to spend their money on office space for workers.

However, many small and medium-sized companies use virtual support, particularly for specific tasks such as social media management.

Theoretically, a virtual assistant will do whatever other support workers would do. There are limits, but technology is constantly providing ways to get around these limitations.

In America, virtual assistance is earning more than $20 per hour. If you have strong communication skills, managing, and organizing skill, you can become a virtual assistant.

How to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs?

There are many online platforms that regular recruiter virtual assistant for various needs and supply to the corporates. If you think you possess certain skills, you need to apply to these portals.

Recommended Sites: Belay, Elite Virtual Assistant, Fancy Hands, MyOutDesk, Task Rabbit.

You can find so many other sites online. All these sites will conduct proper interviews and you must be qualified to attend the interview before getting the job.

8. Blogging:

Today, there are millions of new bloggers who are starting their careers in the blogging industry. This becomes the most lucrative method for many people to earn from their home working part-time.

A blog is a kind of information website updated with new articles by an individual, or a group of people. All articles are published as blog posts arranged in a reverse chronological order where the recently published will be displayed on top.

While blogging does not lead to immediate income, it may be a great opportunity for those willing to spend time now and reap rewards for years to come. You can literally get a blog up and running in less than 20 minutes.

You can then build content on your own time and have your official launch when you’re ready for the world to see your work. To excel in blogging, you need to pick a topic that you love so much that you can write about for years to come.

This enthusiasm is what drives sales. You can earn money through affiliate marketing, referral marketing, sales of your own goods, and blog sponsorships.

9. Affiliate Marketing:

You can take the next step of blogging by becoming an affiliate marketer. There’s no limit on how much you can do for your affiliate marketing.

However, before you become an affiliate marketer, you first need to create your own blog. Here, you’re going to sell goods to people coming to your blog.

The best thing is that you don’t have to make or produce things. You will be marketing goods on behalf of others.
You just need to join the affiliate network, select some of the best affiliate items close to your blog niche, start promoting it, and receive a commission on every sale every single day.

Affiliate marketers in India easily earn Rs. 100,000 to Rs 500,000 every month. There are so many high paying affiliate programs are available where you can become a free member and start selling.

Then what are you waiting for?

Sign up with Amazon India, Flipkart, VCommission& international networks like CJ, MaxBounty, ImpactRadius, ShareASale, etc.

10. Start YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the largest video blogging sites in the world that enable all people to earn money by publishing videos.

Hundreds of Indian YouTubers such as Technological Guruji, Nisha Madhulika, etc are earning millions.
And thousands of small and medium-sized YouTubers earn up to Rs. 1 lac per month through this YouTube online work. You can create all kinds of videos, upload them, and make money.

You can demonstrate your talent through videos and gain money for the number of views your videos get. Build excellent quality videos that people would love to watch. You get paid by Google for every 1000 views.

So, for each video, you have to get thousands and even millions of views. Indian YouTubers can easily make Rs 20,000 to Rs 200,000 per month depending on the quality of their content.

First, you need to create a YouTube Channel using your GMAIL ID and create a unique name for your channel. Then, you should have a professional video camera to shoot high quality videos.

A video editing software to edit your videos before publishing on your channel. Once your channel receives 1000 likes and 1000 subscribers, you can apply for Google Adsense Program.

From here, your income starts. Yes, Google will display ads on your behalf in your videos and share the earnings with you every month. Many Indians are making a decent income from YouTube working Part-time.

11. Online Surveys

Online surveys are a perfect way to get Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 a month working only 2 to 3 hours a day online. Typically surveys are performed by different organizations to assess what customers think about their goods and services.

Companies want to know whether or not they enjoyed their product. Companies often need people to share their opinion about their products or services.

These companies outsource their work to different third parties and provide you with survey jobs where you need to fill out a form containing simple questionnaires.

You’ve got to answer these questions. Each form has a few questions that can be completed in 5 – 20 minutes depending on the number of questions asked. This is it!

But there’s one caveat, locating real online survey sites might be a challenging job. But do not worry about this, as I have listed a few sites to earn from surveys.

For your part, do comprehensive research and background check on each site before entering this form of online work?

Recommended Sites: Ysense, Opinion Polls, Swagbucks, Vindale Research, Survey Junction.

Registration is absolutely free and you can easily become a member just by completing a simple registration form. After this, you need to complete your profile survey to become eligible for attending surveys.

If your profile is eligible, you will get an invitation via Email. So, watch your email every day to attend online surveys and make money.

12. Data Entry Jobs

There’s nothing new about Data Entry Work online. You’ve been listening to them since you’ve discovered the Internet. Seeking genuine Data Entry work that pays you consistently on time may be very difficult, but we made it easier for you.

2 things you need to consider when looking for data entry jobs online.

1. Never pay a fee to enter a data entry business.
2. Second, do a detailed background search of the organization that you would like to work for.

Go to their Contact Us page, see if you have a phone number, dial it, and ask for every detail about the company. In reality, pay a visit to their office and speak to them in person.

Earning Rs 10,000 – Rs 25.000 a month will not be that difficult with this online job. Go ahead of you!

13. Online Typing Jobs

There are many forms of home typing jobs. Some typing jobs pay more than others, and some typing jobs require special training, education, or equipment to do so.

Typing jobs can involve basic data entry jobs and various types of transcription jobs.
Many of the typing activities can be performed around your own schedules at any time of the day. Some can be performed in the evening or at night.

If you have a PC or laptop and an internet connection, you’re ready to start looking for home typing work. Here are some ways to land your first home typing job:

1. Sign up for freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, etc to search for different forms of job typing based on your abilities.
2. Sign up for online work sites such as FlexJobs and actually look for jobs in the typing industry.
3. Look for work at various types of job-specific typing sites. You may be asked to conduct ability tests during the hiring process.
4. Please contact local businesses to see if they have any work to do.

Be aware of scam jobs online. Do thorough research before joining a job and do not invest any money to get a job.

14. Buy-Sell Domains

Buying and selling domain names is a good business that can be done online. You buy a domain name at a cheaper price from Go Daddy or Host Gator and sell it at a price 10 or even 1,000 times the purchase price.

Through doing this, many domain buyers and sellers have become millionaires. In India, many college students were earning a decent revenue from this business.

This business requires some calculative skills like choosing a brandable domain name or the one that will have its demand in the future. Buy the same at the lowest cost from any domain registrar.

However, there needs to be some experience. You must be smart enough to buy a domain with a name that will be famous in the future.

You’ve got to think like an investor. What companies have the potential to expand in the future? You need to choose a name that looks like that company, and now you need to book a domain name.

In the future, as demand for a company increases, you can sell it at a much higher price. Buy a domain with the right name right now!

2.15. Sell Photos Online

Sale images are taken from your smartphone and pay for each photo. You can use your photography and selfie skills to make some money out of this online work.

You’ve got to take professional-looking pictures from your smartphone and sell them to websites like Shutterstock, Fotolia, iStock Photo online.

You don’t even have to buy a camera because every smartphone comes with a really strong camera today. Each picture will cost you anything from $0.25 to $30 depending on the quality of the photo.

However, you must note that taking pictures isn’t as easy as taking selfies. The images must also look professional in order to sell them.

You just need to download and install applications like Foap, Twenty20, etc. on your phone and start selling your pictures.

Today many business websites require photos and images for their website development or for online publication. So, they are ready to pay money to get the photos.

Instead of appointing a person, they buy stock images online.
So if you have a professional camera and photo editing skills, you can easily earn some money by selling photos online.


So these were some of the best online part-time jobs in India that you can enter right now. You can pick any of them and get started.
But before you start, I will call on you to conduct a thorough background check on the organization you are joining for some sort of online work.
The need for online jobs will not go away any time soon. And in an environment in which income is diminishing and conventional labor policies are changing day-to-day, the ability to make a living from the Internet may be just what you need to stay safe.
If your goal is to work part-time to develop your savings or produce full-time income when working from home, online work will offer serious flexibility that most conventional employees will never encounter.
All the best for your career.

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