8 Simple Ways To Improve Blog Loading Speed (Get 100% in GT Metrix)

Improve Blog Loading Speed: Hello guys, today in this post I am going to share how you can improve your blog loading speed so that your blog will load faster in google and other search engine result pages.

Google has confirmed way before that site loading speed is one of their search engine ranking factor. So, it is clear that if your blog is not loading fast enough then you will find it hard to get higher rankings in Google.

Of course, there are many other factors that decide your rankings in search results but blog loading speed plays a very important role both in terms of higher rankings as well as improving the user experience.

Nobody likes to visit a page which takes a long time to load, don’t you?. A case study shows that if your blog fails to load within 3 seconds then your visitors will hit the back button and visit some other website.

It will be a nightmare for a business you get limited traffic to your website and over that if the site loads very slow then your traffic will a huge hit.

Another very important reason to increase your blog loading speed is it helps in reducing the bounce rate and this again helps you to gain higher rankings in Google and other search engines.

I want to tell you that you should not get obsessed with increasing your blog loading time but everything small tweaks you will do to boost your blog loading time will help you tremendously.

So guys are you ready to learn how you can make your website load faster in less than 2 seconds then continue reading this entire post and by the end, your blog will be loading faster than most of your competitors.

How To Improve Blog Loading Speed and Score 100% in GT Metrix

How to improve blog loading speed

1. Choose A Faster Web Host

This is a no-brainer that in order to make your blog or website load faster in Google and other search engines you must choose a faster web hosting company.

It’s Ok to start your blog with a shared hosting plan but if you are really in a very competitive niche then you must definitely invest in a good web hosting company for your blog.

A good web hosting service will help your blog to load faster and thus gain higher rankings and get more traffic. There are many good Webhosting companies like Siteground, A2Hosting, Bluehost, HostGator.

They all provide Shared Hosting as well as many other web hosting solutions like VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated Hosting.

I have personally used all of them and when I was using a shared hosting plan I used all of them and for beginners, you can go with any of the above-mentioned web hosting companies they are all really good.

But for those who have a high traffic blog and are in a competitive niche then you can use Cloudways. They are really good and the price is also very cheap like 10$ per month for 1 GB RAM and 25 GB Storage.

The choice is yours but I would recommend choosing a good and fast web hosting company and this will do wonders for you.

2. Fast, Light Weight Theme

You must always select a theme that is fast loading, lightweight, and very SEO friendly. Right now there are many free and premium WordPress themes available on the internet.

But for beginners to select a good theme might be a little confusing. But you need not worry I am here to guide you.

In order to make your blog load faster, you must choose a theme that is fast-loading as well as lightweight because if your theme is not built for speed then this will reduce your overall blog loading speed.

Remember guys, to make your overall blog load faster each and every step you will take will help you to achieve much higher speed and performance score in GT Metrix, Pingdom, and Google page speed inside reports.

Astra Pro and Generate Press are the most popular WordPress themes available right now. They offer free as well as pro theme and if you have a little budget then I would highly recommend you invest in a premium theme.

You can either go with Astra Pro or Generate press premium theme because the load incredibly fast and they are also very neatly coded, lightweight as well as very SEO friendly.

This will not only help you to make your blog load quickly but it will help with your blog SEO as well.

3. Find Multitasking Plugins

This is again a very effective and easy way to increase your blog loading speed. You might be using 1 plugin for a table of content, other for social shares, and another one for a review post, etc.

But if you can find a few plugins which do multitasking then this will help you to reduce the total number of plugins installed in your blog.

The more plugins you will have on your WordPress blog it will take more processing time and make your page load slowly.

One great example is the thrive architect plugin, it is a very famous page builder plugin that not only just helps you to build beautiful landing pages but they also have many other elements that will help you to eliminate many other plugins from your WordPress blog.

Like this find the plugins which will help you to do more things and this will definitely help your blog load faster.

4. Compress Your Images

This is another very great way to reduce your page loading speed. There are many free and paid image compressing plugins available but the one which is personally use is imagify.

I simply love this plugin and it compresses all the images in your blog just with a single click. There are many options like selecting how much you want to compress the image.

Most of the image compressing plugins will dramatically reduce the size of the image without losing its quality. So you must definitely install this plugin in your WordPress site.

If you post many images on your blog post then without compressing the images the page size will really skyrocket and this will have a negative impact on your blog loading time.

There are other very good plugins like short pixel, wp smush, etc but I like imagify the most and they also have free and premium plans.

5. Optimize your Database

Over a long period of time, you will install many plugins and themes, edit your posts, and do many other things with your blog all these things adds data to your database.

Right now if you are not using any database optimizing plugin then just take a look at your database size and you will find how much is your current size.

Over time as you continue to edit and add new themes and plugins the database size of your blog will keep on building up.

Optimizing your database time to time is a very good way to keep your database clean and small. Also, it will help you to boost your blog load time.

There are many free plugins like auto-optimize, wp optimize, advanced DB cleaner, etc. But the one which I like the most is wp optimize and this is what I use personally for all my blogs.

Whenever you uninstall any theme or plugin then you must optimize your database because those themes and plugins create new database tables which sometimes do not get automatically deleted.

For this purpose, you will have to clean and optimize your database in a timely manner to keep it small.

6. Avoid Heavy and Resource Consuming Plugins

This is again a pro tip to reduce your blog loading time. The plugins are very heavy and resource-consuming are the ones that make your WordPress site to low slower.

For Example, the WordPress stats, Jet pack, Wordfence are the few plugins that are very resource-consuming plugins and if your blog is getting a decent amount of traffic and you are on a shared hosting server then your blog will load very slow.

Jet pack is a very good plugin but I personally don’t use it. But for those you love jet pack simply activate the features you are using on your blog and deactivated the ones which you don’t need.

I have seen many bloggers use the WordPress stats plugin to check their blog traffic statistics right in their WordPress dashboard. This sounds very cool but it will make your blog load slower as it puts a load on your server.

If you want to check your blog stats then the best way is to use Google analytics. There you will get more accurate and much other vital information about your blog as compared to the WordPress stats plugin.

7. Use Cache Plugin

To increase your blog load speed you must use the Cache plugin in your WordPress blog and this is super important. No matter you are a beginner or pro blogger every blog should have a good cache plugin installed in their WordPress blog.

Cache plugin will generate static HTML pages of your blog and store it on your server. Now when the visitor will access any page from your blog then this plugin will serve them cached pages which are much lighter as compared to processing the PHP scripts again and again for each visitor.

This will help you to save a lot of bandwidth and will serve the webpages to your visitors very quickly.  There are many popular cache plugins available in the WordPress repository.

Popular WordPress Cache plugins:

  • WP Total Cache (Free)
  • Wp Super Cache (Free)
  • Fastest Cache (Free)
  • Hyper Cache (Free)
  • Comet Cache (Free)
  • Lightspeed Cache (Free)
  • WP Rocket (Premium)

You can use any of the above-mentioned cache plugins to start caching your WordPress blog but the one which I personally use in this blog is WP Rocket.

Why? Because it is the best cache plugin right now on the internet and to be really honest it does the job really very fast.

The settings are very easy and to test it yourself just purchase wp rocket premium plugin and install it in your WordPress blog.

Wait before you install the WP Rocket plugin, check your GT Metrix scores, and after activating the wp rocket plugin run the speed test again.

You will be able to see that with just the default wp rocket settings your blog load time will be much faster. I would highly recommend you to buy the wp rocket plugin and believe me guys there is no other plugin which does the job better than the wp rocket.

8. Use CDN

CDN stands for content delivery network and it helps your blog to load much faster as compared to not using any CDN service for your WordPress blog.

There are many CDN services available on the internet but the most popular and the free CDN service is Cloudflare.

Millions of WordPress blogs are using free Cloudflare CDN and I personally use them for all my blogs and they really do the job very well.

It is a Free DNS service that will host your DNS records. No matter your blog gets low or high traffic you must definitely use Cloudflare CDN service.

It will not only help you in speeding up your WordPress site but it will also save you a lot of server bandwidth.

I have blogs that are getting a huge number of visitors every month and when I checked the Cloudflare analytics I was surprised to see that Cloudflare helped me to save approx 5 to 6 GB of bandwidth data and this is huge.

If you are on a shared hosting server then you have to Cloudflare and your shared hosting plan will be abe to handle more traffic.

Apart from Cloudflare, there are other popular CDN services like WPRocket CDN, Bunny CDN, Max CDN, KeyCDN and they also do wonderful jobs.

If you have a little budget then you can go with Wp Rocket CDN as they know really well how to deliver the content faster to your visitors and you can also check Bunny CDN they have a really cheap starting plan.

No matter which CDN service you choose But I have mentioned all the best CDN services available right now and you can go with any of them.


So guys these were some of the best ways by which you can improve your blog loading speed. I hope that you find this post helpful and if yes then please give this post 1 like and so share with on your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Apart from this, If I have missed any other ways to increase blog loading speed then please share with me in the comments section below.

Also if you have any doubt of questions then feel free to ask me and I will give a reply to all your comments. Now Go and make your WordPress site faster and get more traffic. Thank you.

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