How To Earn Money By Writing Stories in India

Hello friends, in this article I am going to share how you can earn money by writing stories in India. Many people love to write short and fiction stories but they might not be aware that they can make money by writing these stories.

People love to read stories and there are many categories like horror, love, mystery, motivation, etc. But there are many talented writers in India who love to create such stories.

But the problem here is that they don’t know where to get them published. Big and popular writers can approach big online and offline publications and sell their stories.

But not everybody is that fortunate and there are many people who are very talented and have the passion to write stories.

Also, there are many people who want to make some extra passive income by following their passion for writing stories.

I personally believe that if you can earn money by following your passion then there is nothing more rewarding than that.

You will feel very happy while working and at the same time will also make some good passive income.

But if you are good at writing stories then this article is for you because here I am going to share with you the best way by which you can earn money by writing stories in India.

So friends, without wasting any time let’s start this post.

How To Earn Money By Writing Stories in India

Earn money writing stories in india

1. Offline Story Books

Well, we all love to read story books and there are many storybook publishers in India who always look for new stories based on various categories.

You can approach them and pitch your offer and see whether they allow your story to get published in their books.

If you are new in this field then first focus to get your story published in a few books. Even if they don’t pay you then you should be ok with this.

Because here you are building your portfolio and later when you have several stories published under different book publishers then you can ask them for the remunerations.

I would advise you to first approach small book publishers and then you can approach big publishers. Because big book publishers already have many story writers who have lots of experience.

And they might not entertain you and they are right on their own terms and it also makes sense right? So, the best approach for you will be first to build your portfolio, and then you can approach the big players.

When you have successfully published a few stories in small publications then you can simply search on google about big book publishers in India and then you can pitch them.

2. Start Your Blog

The best method according to me is to start your own blog or website and start publishing your stories.

Many of you might be wondering how we can start our own blog or website then let me tell you that it’s very easy it will hardly take a few minutes and your blog will be ready to publish stories online.

There are many platforms where you can start your blog for free like However, on free blogging platforms, you will have limited functionalities and this restricts you to customize your blog or website according to your needs.

Even this blog is a self-hosted WordPress blog and I never use or recommend a free blogging platform to anybody.

Because the biggest disadvantage of such free platforms is that they can delete your whole blog anytime without giving any notification or warning if you violate any of their terms and conditions.

This will be the biggest disaster since you will lose all your hard work and all your published stories.

If you really want to earn a very good income by writing stories online then I would highly recommend you to start your self-hosted WordPress blog.

There are numerous benefits of starting your self-hosted WordPress blog as compared to a free blog.

  • Benefits of Self-Hosted Blog
  • Full control over the look and feel of your website
  • More Advanced functionality
  • Complete control over your site
  • You can scale it as your site visitors increase
  • More Professional Look
  • and many more…

If you want I can help you to start your own self-hosted WordPress blog you contact us at and I will help you to start your story blog for free. I will not charge you anything for my free service.

I will set up your blog and do all the important settings as well as install a professional theme for you which will be free for a lifetime. You can also contact me through this contact us form.

3. Online Story Platforms

If you don’t want to start your own site then you can get your stories published on many other online platforms.

But before submitting your stories to them make sure that they will pay for your work. Because I have seen a few online platforms where they accept story writers but they don’t pay them anything.

But this does not apply to everybody, there are some story platforms that pay their writers. But I would suggest you please confirm it before working with them.

Because I really don’t want your effort and time to get wasted. I cannot pinpoint the names of such sites but I know there are many out there who just want to earn money from your stories and don’t want to reward their writers.

4. Approach Site Owners & Bloggers

I am pretty much sure that if you love writing stories then would love to read them as well. In Google, if you will search XYZ stores then you will find many sites and blogs where you can read hundreds of stories in different categories.

You can approach them and ask whether they need any story writer and I am pretty much sure that you will find many site owners who would be ready to give you the story writing job.

However, I don’t know how much they pay and what is their paying model. But you can anyways confirm with them about the payment structure.

They will pay you as per the word count or per story basis. This is a very good way and the chances to get the story writing job are pretty high.

Because as a blog owner myself I know that we always look for good talented writers to work with us.

5. Freelancing Sites

Freelancing sites is a great source where you can find many stories writing jobs. You just have to visit these freelancing sites and apply for story writing work.

Well there are many popular freelancing sites like:

  • and many more

If you want to find Indian clients then you can go to and I personally use this site to hire many writers.

Why I am recommending this site is because here you will find many Indian writers who are cheap as compared to foreign writers.

But you are not limited to this site only, you can make your profile on other freelancing sites as well. Try to make your profile more appealing by filling in all the necessary details like:

  • Work experience
  • Languages known
  • Availability
  • The time needed to complete the task
  • Previous written stories and sites name etc

Initially, it might happen that it will take some time before you get story writing work but once you complete a few jobs then you will get plenty of story writing work.

Please keep the below-mentioned points to get more jobs:

  • Build professional profile
  • Use your real profile pic
  • Stick to your promises
  • Complete the task within the allotted time frame
  • Impress your client with your work
  • Provide more value to your clients
  • Send original stores
  • Avoid copy pasting
  • Provide after-work support to your clients

All the above-mentioned tips will definitely help you to attract more clients and stand apart from other writers. If your client gets satisfied with your work then they will post positive reviews on these sites.

Many new clients look at these reviews before giving the job to any writer. So make sure that you make your client happy so you can receive positive reviews.

The more positive reviews you will have on your profile more story-writing jobs you will get.

6. We Hire Story Writers

Last but not least we also want good talented story writers for our sites and blogs. We give the highest payment to our writers in the market.

We already have many story writers who are currently working with us and we are constantly looking for more writers to work with us.

We accept the following story categories:

  • Short stories
  • Long stories
  • Horror stories
  • Love & Romantic stories
  • Kids Stories
  • Fiction stories
  • Motivational stories
  • Success stories etc

If you believe that you can provide us with a very good story in any of the above-mentioned categories then you can email us or you can fill in the below form and we will get in touch with you and proceed further.

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So, friends, this was how you can earn money by writing stories in India, I tried my best to help you and if you liked this article then please share it with those who need it.

If you have any doubts or questions in your mind then you can drop a comment below and I will personally answer them.

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