How to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment

Today hundreds of ideas are available in the online world of making money. Indeed,  passive income generation is simply online, and in this article, I am going to share a few ideas about how to earn money online in India? 

Before ten years, earning money in India is obviously a tough task. You have to work hard and need to choose the right job. You need to go to the office and work for 8 hrs or more a  day to earn some negligible monthly salary. 

A full-time job is considered as stable work and offers stable income but later the living cost and need for money increased more. 

To manage and extend the income, home moms, college students, and retired people all are shifted to online works for earning money in India. 

Everyone needs money to satisfy their financial needs but choosing the right online jobs gives good results in the long term. 

But compared to the regular 9 to 5 job, work from home is the flexible option which you can do in your free time with less than three hours. 

Today we are in a digital era, finding internet jobs are too easy. Especially, the freelance works and side hustles are more famous to all. 

As a side hustle, online jobs are not offering great revenue in the initial stage but they fulfill your daily needs. It will take some time to generate lucrative revenue by working online. 

Having a smartphone is more enough to complete our free-time work and earning money in India. What are the works to do? 

Based on your hobby, interest, and experience, multiple works are waiting for you to choose from. Select the right earning opportunities and give your best to make more money. 

There are many online portals that are listed multiple job offers for independent workers.  Housewives, College Students, even Job Goers can easily find their relevant earning chance. 

So, now making money online is not a great task, if you have the skill and interest then you can earn money.

12 How to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment


Earn Money Online in India Without Investment

The trend of the working culture is rapidly changing. Moreover, the digital world simplified our working desks. With just a computer connected to the internet, one can easily generate some lucrative income. 

A talented individual, by using his skill can get the best and a handful of revenue by doing online jobs without any huge investment. 

Due to its flexibility, working online from home is better than regular jobs in the upcoming years. So, don’t sense it as trivial. 

Today instant online jobs are available on the internet making huge money is possible only for the people who shed more hard work. 

In this blog, you will be going to know the 12 best ways to earn money in India without any additional investments. 

Irrespective of your age, gender limit all people can do these online works to make money.  Give your try for this online works. 

1. Start Blogging Business

Blogging is one of the finest options for all people who are searching for ways to earn money online. Here, you can generate revenue for sharing your ideas, knowledge,  information, and your findings in the form of blog posts (articles). 

Many people are starting their online careers with this blogging to uplift their income. As a  budding blogger don’t stop only at writing. 

Blogging is the potential arena where you need to concentrate on the other additional works like designing, marketing, and SEO. 

Why these are so important? because there are multiple bloggers are available on the internet world you need to compete. 

In India, home moms, college students, and job seekers all can try this better option to make money without any investment. 

How to Start Blogging?

It all starts with choosing the right blogging niche based on your Passion, Interest,  Keyword Volume, and Market Trend. 

You can start a blog on any topic such as Money Making, Affiliate Marketing, Food  Blog, Travel Blog, Entertainment Blog, etc. 

Also, you need to buy a domain name, a Webhosting, and a Premium WordPress  Theme to design your blog. 

Free Blogging platforms are also available such as BlogSpot, WordPress, which you can utilize at your initial stages.

The earnings are not limited to blogging. You can earn by monetizing your blog in different ways such as Google Adsense, Selling Products, etc. 

Requirements to Start a Blog:

  1. A Topic for Blogging 
  2. Keyword-rich Domain Name (usually end with .com) 
  3. Reliable Web Hosting Services 
  4. Premium WordPress Theme (Generate Press, Thrive Themes, etc) 

A good blogger can earn up to $150 in India. Moreover, there are multiple business platforms that are seeking the best bloggers.

2. Start Affiliate Marketing

Today many business models are introducing in India to captivate their business regime. In this list, affiliate marketing is at the top. 

Affiliate Marketing is the performance-based business model where an individual (YOU)  acts as an affiliate. This affiliate is responsible for selling the merchant product or service on behalf of the merchant. 

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a lucrative commission on every successful sale.  The products or services can be anything like web hosting, SEO software, products in  Amazon, Flipkart, etc. 

The products are given by the company but the affiliate must take additional responsibility like advertising, and social media promotions. 

For this risk-taking and bearing high responsibility, the company (or merchant) will offer a  certain percentage of the product price to the affiliate marketer. 

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

  1. This business can be started either with a blog or without a blog. All you need is to sell a product or service to the people. But beginning an affiliate business with a  Blog is the most lucrative method of generating revenue. 
  2. Decide on a platform to promote the products or services. As I said earlier, starting a  blog is a relatively simple, easy, and affordable method. You can also promote on  Social Media, YouTube, and other online marketing channels. 
  3. Like Blogging, you need to choose your niche (industry) to start this business. For example, in this blog, I am promoting Web Hosting Services for my visitors. Choose an affiliate marketing nice based on your interest. 
  4. Choose the right program, to begin with. Today most of the businesses were running both in-house affiliate marketing or sometimes outsource to third-party. 5. For example, SEO Software like SEMRUSH, ConvertKit has their own in-house affiliate program that allows free registration. If you can able to send 80customers a  month to ConvertKit, you can earn up to $800 per month.
  5. Similarly, you can join the Amazon Affiliate program where you can sell any products from any industry. From electronics to home appliances, computers to mobile phones, you can choose your product to sell. 

Now, start promoting and make more sales every month to earn a lucrative income from this business. If the hard work wins as an affiliate marketer, an individual, home moms,  retired people, and job seekers all can earn more money. 

Average affiliate marketer in India is earning more than Rs. 2,00,000 per month in this program. But, patience and hard work are essential.

3. Become a FreeLancer

Earning money in India as a freelancer is a wonderful opportunity for working people,  college students, as well as educated housewives, and home moms. 

Freelancing or a freelancer is a person who is committed to working on a particular project for a particular period of time. Once the project is completed, he or she can find some other work. 

Whether it is programming, designing, web development, and digital marketing, all can find a freelancing opportunity based on their experience. 

For college students, job seekers and home moms many freelancing openings are available on business outsourcing websites. Today companies also started to hire freelancers as they find this as a cost-effective way to completing their tasks. 

Many companies, small business owners, and entrepreneurs are hiring freelancers to save money in the areas of salary, infra-structure, and other expenses. 

Moreover, as a freelancer, you can able to choose your own employer, set your own terms,  and work at your convenience time and place. 

How to Begin Freelancing Career?

There are so many freelancing websites are available on the internet where you need to register a free account and complete your profile. Find the projects, bid on the projects,  and wait for the right project to start. 

Choose your convenient freelance website and build your good looking profile with referral works and working experience. A clear profile with a portfolio can earn you more clients in the future. 

In India, freelancing is contributing potential growth for your online money-making.  However, it can be a side gig yet sufficient income generation is possible while doing the freelance works. 

Many people in India are doing these freelance works and earning between Rs. 10,000 to  Rs. 1,00,000 per month and more without any investments.

All you are doing is selling your services, and experience for other employers in your free time or extra time for money. 

So, freelance works are the best option to manage personal commitments as well as your online career. Fiverr, Upwork like freelance portals are available on the internet and start your earning.

4. Start a YouTube Channel

Today, people are seeking the best ways to save their time to make money. Moreover,  video contents are so powerful these days. 

More than three million people are earning money from making youTube videos. Of course, it is the potential area to make money without any investment. 

YouTube is the only world’s leading vlogging portal with nearly 1million daily watch hours.  You can watch any type of video such as entertainment, education, tutorial, etc. 

If you have any skills that you want to teach someone or want to promote an affiliate product or services, you can create a video and publish it on your YouTube Channel. 

Today, in India, many youngsters were started to leverage YouTube as their best online money making portal. There are many new channels are being created every day on  YouTube India. 

How to Start a YouTube Channel?

If you have a Gmail account, then the process is very simple. Just visit and sign in using your Gmail ID. Then, log in to your dashboard to create your first YouTube  Channel. 

Choose your profitable niche it is the first step to create your channel under a brand name and publish useful videos to impress your audience and make money. 

YouTube is a common platform to publish videos like cooking, designing, beauty,  gardening, teaching, learnings, and more. Creating interesting videos and getting the trust among the followers will offer more money. The top YouTubers in India are earning more than lakhs. 

Working with the right video editing software and clarity video will easily enhance your idea directly to the needy. Today Prank Videos are growing virally on YouTube. 

Many youngsters and college students are publishing creative Prank Videos on their channel. And they are generating money through advertising products, working as a brand ambassador, etc.

5. Become a Content Writer

Today in this online business world, every business website, online promotions, digital marketing require content. Thus, there is a huge demand for content writers across the globe. 

Becoming a freelance content writer is an excellent idea suitable for college students,  educated housewives, home moms, working professionals. 

You can earn a living helping companies, businesses, and entrepreneurs creating effective marketing content for their various needs. 

It can be anything like blog posts, website pages, blog articles, magazines, email newsletters, book publications, etc. Content writing is a large working area. If you were good at writing start your works today. 

Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Case studies, Press release all are the different types of writing work can offer more money from online. 

In India, the potential business market offers multiple career opportunities in the stream of business content writing. 

You can easily find writing jobs from home opportunities on online websites, approaching bloggers, freelance sites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. 

Making your career in writing will take more effort and patience. Many online platforms are recruiting content writers with good pay. 

A good original piece of writing works is a more demanding one. A good content writer can earn up to Rs. 10 per word per article as a part-time worker. 

How to Get Started as a Writer?

To start earning money online in India as a writer, you need to have a computer or a laptop with an internet connection and a Good English verbal skills. 

Hands-on knowledge of software like MS-office, Notepad, Google Docs, is a must. Start a  free blog in Blogpost and/or WordPress and start writing on your own. 

This can help you create a portfolio before moving into the market. Sharpen your writing skills that attract readers and make them love your writing. 

After you completely fit yourself in this, start approaching websites, bloggers ask for a  chance. Initially, the pay will be lesser but after some time, you can earn more. 

There are many online portals like Fiverr, Upwork, where there is a huge requirement for content writers. YOu can make use of these platforms to earn money online in India without investment as a writer.

6. Become an Online Tutor

Today, in this technological world, nothing is impossible. Classroom teaching is taking its new shape and the students in western worlds started taking online classes in their schoolings. 

Slowly, this culture is spreading world-wide and more number of students are preferring online classes, as they feel more personalized and comfortable. 

Thus, an emerging side-hustle, online tutoring is becoming one of the most demanding professions across the world. If you are having sound knowledge in any subject, you can easily become an online tutor. 

Online teaching is the best platform due to the emergence of online classes. In these classes, the tutor can shoot a teaching video and can post it. Tutors can conduct classes in groups or for individual students. 

While comparing to the traditional classroom, the online classroom offers more clear ideas and students can ask doubts by posting comments. 

How to Start Online Tutoring?

There are various online tutorial websites like ByJus, Unacademy and NIIT are recruiting more online tutors. You can register an account there to create your career opportunity. 

You can start your own online classes with a digital presence by creating your own website and even you can double your income by selling ebooks, online courses, etc. 

Tutor India, Tutor Vista, E-Tutor are some of the famous online tutoring job portals. These websites continuously recruit college professors, school teachers for their online tutoring. 

While taking classes an online teacher can earn $ 10 to $30 per hour. So, try this online career for your online side hustle. Nothing you are going to lose.

7. Paid Online Surveys

Paid online surveys are easy money earning opportunity for the people who are seeking small-time online works. There are many paid online survey platforms are available on the internet, just sign up for the portal and build your profile. 

Free portals like Toluna, Swagbucks, Opinion Bureau, are some of the recommended online survey portals for making money online in India without investment. 

Today every online business needs to survive in this competitive market and for this, online surveys are more useful for their business growth. 

Surveys are a few set of questions asked among a common group of people and reward them with money or cash rewards or points or gift vouchers. 

You cannot able to make millions by answering surveys, but you can generate some decent pocket money that you can use for your daily needs. 

Sharing opinions about a product, service, and community opinion is the prime duty. This simple work nearly takes five to ten minutes to complete the tasks. Most of the survey platforms are offering bonus points. 

How to Earn Money from Surveys?

There are so many survey portals are available on the internet that let people join for free.  In the above part, I have recommended a few sites for you to join for free. 

Register a free account and login to your dashboard to complete your profile surveys.  Answer all questions in your profile to increase the chance of getting more surveys in the future. 

Incomplete profiles (or) irrelevant answers will decrease your chances of getting surveys.  When a new survey comes in, this survey company will run a screening process and send an invitation email to the eligible profiles. 

If you receive an email invitation, attend the survey, answer genuinely. If you complete the survey successfully, you will earn rewards either as cash or gift vouchers. 

You can earn up to $50 per qualified survey. You can redeem your earnings as Paypal cash or online Gift Vouchers on Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

8. Buy and Sell Domains

Today everything available on the internet. Almost every business wants to promote their product or service on this digital platform. 

For every business, a promotion website is paramount important. So, these businesses invest money in buying a suitable domain name for their business and their branding. 

You can buy a keyword-rich domain name or any domain name that has a business name.  Then you can list those domain names in auction sites like Flippa, GoDaddy Domains for a  higher price. 

On the other side, people will search for a suitable domain name, and sometimes they are ready to pay a higher price. 

In India, there is huge interest in online business. Buying the domain name according to the famous brand with the extension of .com, .in, .net, is so competitive. 

There are some domain names that are range from Rs.200 to Rs. 200 million rupees. So people who want to earn online money in India use this best option. 

Before buying a competitive domain do more research as you can because if the name lacks its importance it will be a huge loss. College students, job seekers, home moms, and working people all can try these side gigs to make money in your free time. 

You can also buy expired domains and sell them at a higher price to the people in need.  Honestly, Domain name trading is tricky but when you become an expert, you can make lakhs of rupees with many efforts. 

Even if you have a blog that is having a Good domain authority, you can even sell in Flippa for a good amount of cash.

9. Sell Online Courses

Due to the advancement of technology, there are a lot of courses that are needed to learn to sustain in the working field. Whether it is a technical course, learning a tool usage, and using the software all are coming under the online courses or videos. 

If you have the ability and knowledge to create a valuable course in either audio format like an ebook or in video format, you can easily generate handsome revenue. 

Creating and selling online courses can be lucrative and suitable for college students,  working professionals. Since in the last few years, the demand for authentic and credible courses is increasing. 

Many people, working professionals are preferring to buy online courses to enhance their career skills rather than attending traditional classroom training. 

A similar 10 minutes online course video can be listed for selling at the price of Rs. 1000 to  Rs.3000 per download. So, earning potential is certainly high in selling online courses. 

Moreover, online courses are now available in regional languages, which is having more demand. If you can able to simply re-publish a popular online course in your local language, you can certainly earn huge money without investment. 

Giving the general intro about the video content and simple background for teaching is all enough for creating course videos. Earning money online in India follows multiple ways,  yet it is simple as well as a suitable side hustle to make more money. 

Create something special and unique which helps to identify your course apart from your competitors. It is one of the easy to find your audience. 

It is one of the huge money earning ideas as per the subscribers of the course you can earn a lot! You can sell directly on your blog or by promoting on social media. Also, there are online platforms like Udemy where you can list your courses for sale.

10. Become a Digital Marketer

Having a side gig in the platform of digital marketing is an emerging online career in India.  Obviously, India is one of the leading business markets. So, most businesses are using digital marketing as one of the powerful tools to achieve their success in the business. 

Digital marketing is the form of promoting a business using the latest technologies in internet media such as Smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. 

There are so many designations are available for the role of digital marketing such as social media marketer, SEO analyst, Social media manager, etc. 

Moreover, multiple online courses are available to learn these techniques thus creating huge opportunities for people to earn money online in India as digital marketers. 

Digital marketing is becoming the backbone for every business who wishes to make their online presence and to meet the global market. Without an online presence, it is very difficult to survive in this competitive business world. 

Hence, the need for digital marketing services is enormous. You can start your career as an SEO Trainee, SEO Executive, SEO Manager, and slowly develop your career. 

Many companies started to focus on social media marketing thus provides opportunities for digital marketer’s to manage their social media profiles. 

A typical SEO Executive is earning almost Rs. 20,000 per month as a salary. But, you can your services as a freelancer and make more money than your regular job. 

These are one of the demanding jobs mostly comes as remote work so you can do them as work from home. College students, job seekers all can do this part-time job.

11. Become a Virtual Assistant

In India, the multiple sole entrepreneurs are growing day by day. Most Indian businesses are related to small scale industries. So, emerging entrepreneurs are recruiting virtual assistance to develop and shape their initial business career. 

Virtual assistance is the people who independently manage all the business activities from auditing to business promotion. Mostly the virtual assistant is working from their home and help their clients or owner with their guidance and work activities. 

They are the backbone of everyday business activities as they are the ones responsible for managing all administrative, technical, and other business-related activities. 

It also includes book-keeping, responding to emails, arranging meetings, managing social media, content writing, and more. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are hiring virtual assistants to manage these activities. 

An average remote assistant earns up to Rs. 1000 per hour in India. You can easily get a  job as a virtual assistant if you have skills, strong verbal communication, etc. 

There are many freelance platforms like Fiverr, Freelance, Upwork that are posting more recruitment for this virtual assistant work across the globe. Educated housewives, home moms, even college students can utilize this opportunity to earn money online in India.

12. Do Micro Jobs 

Micro jobs or micro-tasks are the small working tasks which can be done easily at home and the pay for this work is also a little one. Micro-jobs or tasks can be allotted by the companies to reduce their work burden. After completing the work you can get your pay. 

It is a wide platform like writing, translations, transcripts, adding music, video, graphs all are considered as micro-tasks. Not only in India, across the globe, multiple freelance platforms functioning for these micro jobs or tasks. 

Earning online money in India by doing these micro-tasks can offer considerable pocket money for college students. All are simple tasks, if you handle the system or mobile is enough qualification to do this works. 

Inbox Dollars, Fiverr, Embee mobile, Easyshift are the familiar websites are offering these micro tasks for job seekers. As a micro worker, an individual can earn from $5 up to $ 50  as per the work requirement neat and flawless completion. 

These micro-tasks can be anything like posting a tweet daily for a company, writing social media marketing content, writing blogs, etc. It also includes designing a website and/or business card and/or any other graphic designs. 

How to Get Started in Micro-Tasking?

Many companies started outsourcing these small tasks to the people. So that they can save money as well as get more qualified work from qualified people. 

There are so many legitimate micro-jobs sites are available where you need to register a  free account. But getting a job is not an easy task as you need to complete certain online tests and exams to become an eligible micro-taskers. 

Sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk, Crowdflower, Figure Eight, Appen are some of the notable micro-jobs websites in the world. Registration is absolutely free. Join today and start making handsome pocket money spending one hour or two every day.

Last Thoughts

All these 12 ways of earning money online in India are the trending ways among youngsters, home moms, and retired people. At first, all these ideas may seem to puzzle one. 

As an individual, you need not try all these online works that come without any investment. But try to select the most interesting and specialized online working field of yours. Success does not come instantly. 

Do your work hard and improve your working style. So these freelance online works will offer more money but keep your patience. As well as while choosing the free online working platform, try to know its authentication, or else you will fail to get your pay. 

Because more number of illegitimate websites are available in the internet world. So, keep your eye on this section too. 

Today most people were searching to earn money online in India without any investment and it is increasing, but hardcore. If you find the right way you can be the boss of your  works 

Hope you get more online ideas to start your online works in your free time. Give your best and earn more. 

All the best!!!

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