How To Create A YouTube Channel And Make Money (Beginner’s Guide)

Hello friends in this post I am going to share how to create a youtube channel and make money, Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world right now so billions of searches are made on youtube each day.

Youtube is a great way to earn a passive income and in this post, I am going to teach you how you can earn money from youtube.

First I will show you how easily you can create your youtube channel then I will share how to make money from it. So friends without wasting any time let’s start this post.

Things Required To Start Your Youtube Channel

Create A YouTube Channel And Mak

1. Camera or Good Mobile Phone

The first thing you need to have is a camera or your mobile phone. Many people think that in order to start their youtube channel they must have a DSLR camera but this is not true.

You can start your youtube channel which is now available at your disposal. Like you can replace a DSLR camera with your mobile camera.

Right now mobile camera quality is very good so no need to spend money on buying expensive DSLR cameras but in the future, if you start making money from youtube then you can buy a DSLR camera to improve the quality of your videos.

2. Internet Connection

Yes, you need an internet connection so that you can upload your videos.

3. Tripod

No matter you are shooting from DSLR or from your mobile phone then must-have tripod stand. It is very cheap and you can purchase a tripod from Amazon.

4. Gmail Id

In order to create a youtube channel, you will need a Gmail id. It is free to create a Gmail id and you can literally create a new Gmail id in 2 minutes.

How To Create A YouTube Channel

How To Create YouTube Channel and Make Money

1. To create your youtube channel first you need to have a gmail id and you have to sign in to youtube with your gmail id then you need to visit the below link.

2. Now you will see a page with Create Channel button you will have to click on that

Create Youtube channel

3. That’s it now your youtube channel has been created the next page you will see your youtube channel and now you have  to upload videos and customize your youtube channel.


Now I will share with you how you can make money from your youtube channel.

How To Make Money From Youtube Channel

1. Google Adsense

Google adsense is the easiest way to earn money from your youtube channel. Once your channel reaches 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time then you can send a request to monetize your channel.

Your channel will go under review and after being approved from youtube moderators your youtube channel will start to show google ads.

Now it any viewer clicks or watches your ad you will get paid. Now how much you will get paid that depends upon the bid the advertiser has made. If you get clicks or views from US then you will earn more as compared to clicks or views from India or Pakistan.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another great way to earn money from your youtube channel. If you are a beginner then let me first explain you what is affiliate marketing.

In Affiliate marketing you promote or recommend products and services to your viewers and when they will purchase from your affiliate link you will get the commission.

Again this commission depends upon the affiliate program and how much they are willing to pay you for each referral.

3. Your Services

Another very good method to make money from your youtube channel is to promote your products and services to your views. This is very simple the more products and services you will sell the more money you will make

for example if you are a wordpress developer then you can provide services like wordpress installation, blog setup. site audit etc.

You can make way more money with this as compared to google adsense or affiliate marketing.

Useful Tips To Grow Your Youtube Channel

1.Create Useful Videos

In order to make money from your youtube channel you will need to upload useful videos which helps others. This is the fastest way to increase your youtube subscribers and your channel.

Create useful videos in your niche for example if your niche is “Bodybuilding” then you can create videos like How to build muscles,  How to make six pack abs etc.

I think that you have got the idea about how to create useful videos for your viewers. I have seen many people who don’t make useful videos and then complain that our youtube channel is not growing.

Well this is becuase they don’t upload useful videos in their niche and believe me guys this is the most important thing you must do in order to give the kick start to your youtube channel.

2. Increase your subscribers

The more subscribers you have the more views you will get and the more views you will get more ad views, impression and clicks will occur.

So try to increase your youtube channel subscribers and the best way to do that is to regularly upload good videos. This is very simple.

Many people believe that to grow you youtube channel you will have to work very hard yes it is true but if you will just be regular on youtube then this will help you to boost your youtube channel subsribers.

3. Be Regular

In order to make money from youtube you will have to be regular. If you will not be regular then you might find it very hard to grow your youtube channel.

You will have to upload new videos regularly and till will give the positive signal to youtube and then Youtube will also help your channel to get more exposure.

4. Be Original

Never try to copy other youtubers like in which niche there are, what videos they are making etc. Try to be unique and always produce original content.

Give something different to your viewers and you will see that in no time your youtube channel will make its own identity and will start to grow.



So friends these was how to create a youtube channel and make money, We hope that you loved this post and if yes then please give this post 1 like and also share with your friends on whatsapp and facebook.

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