Cloudways Review 2022: Best Managed Cloud Web Hosting

Hello friends in this post we are going to share Cloudways hosting review which you will find it helpful in making your purchase decision.

Well there are many web hosting solutions for users like shared, vps, cloud, dedicated hoting etc. But for newbie bloggers it might be difficult to choose a good and reliable web hosting for their blog or website.

To help newbie bloggers we are sharing the review of cloudways which has emerged as a very good and reliable cloud web hosting solution for your website.

Why Choose Cloud Hosting Over Others?

Cloudways Review


Like I said there are shared, vps, cloud, dedicated hosting solutions but why you must select cloud hosting to host your webite well below you will find the reasons..

1. Really fast service as compared to shared hosting

2. Not expensive as Dedicated or VPS server

3. Easily scalable options to scale your site during traffic spikes

4. Zero Downtime

5. Shared hosting is very slow

6. VPS hosting is very technical to handle

7. Dedicated hosting prices are really very expensive

Which Cloud Hosting To Choose?

In the market there are many cloud hosting providers like digital ocean, Vultr, Google cloud, Aws. Linode etc but they are not managed which means that if you don’t have technical expertise in managing your web server then later you will have to face many problems and issues.

With unmanaged web hosting you will have to take care of all the updates, maintaince and security of your servier which can be difficult for non techy users especially newbie bloggers.

With Managed Cloud hosting providers like Cloudways you don’t have to worry about all the aspects and you just have to focus on growing your websites.

We are using Cloudways hosting for all our sites since 2 years and we are really very happy and satisfied with the performance of this cloud hosting platform.

Because of this we would higly recommend you Cloudways since it is fully managed and they pricing plans are really very cheap.

Before we take a look at it’s pricing plan let’s see what other features Cloudways provides.

My Honest Cloudways  Review

1. Full Managed

As I have said earlier that cloudways is a fully manage cloud hosting platform where you don’t have to deal with anytime you just have to focus on building and growing your website.

It is a very good option for newbie bloggers with little technical knowledge. Right now in the market Cloudways is the cheapest managed cloud hosting platform.

There are other managed cloudhosting platforms like wpengine, knista etc but their pricing plans are really very costly.

2. 24/7 Support

They have 24/7 support facility which I really like. They don’t have the phone support right now but their chat support is excellent.

We have tried their chat support service many time and there are many agents available to answer all your queries. The waiting time is not that much and you will be assisted by support agents very quickly. The response time is also very good.

3. Performance

Their performance is also very good. You will have the dedicated envoirnment for you webistes. You will not share your resources with other sites this means faster speed.

They have SSD drives hosting which is three times faster then normal HDD drives. This will help your site to load very quickly will will reduce the loading speed of your site.

They have built in advance cached system for you so that your get the best performance and your site loads very quickly. It includes Memchached, Ningx, Varnish and Redis to give faster performance.

All of there servers are php 7.3 ready so you can upgrade your php version to latest php version since the latest php version will be always faster then the older versions.

They also offer Cloudwayscdn services which you can use to futher improve your performance. Personally I don’t use it but you can give it a try.

4. Unlimited Application

Unlike other web hosting provides where you have only limited applicaton you can create in a server. With Cloudways you will get unlimited applications.

You can create as many applications as you want in your single server.

5. 5 Different Cloud Providers

Cloudways provides us with different cloud provides which is great since many users have different preferences. So right now they are providing Digital ocean, Google Cloud, Amazon Aws, Vultr and Linode.

You can select the cloud provider which you like. The pricing are different for each of them which we will cover later in this article.

We have used all these cloud hosting providers and their services are really very good.

6. Custom Control Panel

Here you get your customized control panel as compared to traditional control panel. Believe me their custom control panel is very good.

You can install all php scripts and it is really very user friendly.

7. Automated Backups

You will get automated backups for all your applications. These are off site backups which means no matter what happens to your server you will have the backup ready to restore.

Apart from this they also provide local backup option where you can take a local backup of your application and store locally on your system or where you like.

8. Scalability

This is another very good option which are provided by cloudways, I really love this. If you have a site which get’s huge amout of traffic then you will find this option very useful.

You can upgrade and downgrade your servers anytime according to your requirement.

9. Free Migration

If you have a site which you need to move to good and reliable web hosting like cloudways then they offer 1 free site migration which you can avail by contancting their support team.

They will migrate 1 site for you free without any downtime or errors. Personally I really loved this feature, Since my site was very big they migrated my site to Cloudways very quickly.

If you don’t want to use their free migration service but want to move your site to Cloudways then they have a Cloudways plugin which will migrate your complete site in few minutes.

10. Free SSL Certificates

There is no special in this right now most of the web hosting companies are providing free ssl certifcates and cloudways also does this too.

11. Really Cheap

If you are looking for cheap full managed cloud hosting then Cloudways is the best choice for you since you will get started with $10 plan. This is way cheaper then other managed cloud hosting providers like wpengine, knista hoting etc.

12. Pricing Plans

Cloudways works on pay as you go pricing model which means that you will pay only for the resources you use.  Well there are right now 5 different cloud providers.

The cheapest plan is digital ocean which starts from $10 per month. You can check the price in the below image. You can also select other providers like linode, amazon aws, google cloud, Vultr etc.

I personally use Digital ocean servers and I am fully satisfied with it’s performance.

Cloudways digital ocean pricing

13. Speed Test

With minimal optimization settings I am able to get the following speed test results. I have ran tests on gtmetrix, pingdom site speed and google page speed.

I am sharing the screenshots of all the test results below:


gtmetrix speed test




Google Page Speed Insights



So friends this was the real and honest cloudways review, we hope that you really loved this article. We have tried our level best to explain you the benefits of cloudways hosting and if you liked it then please give this post 1 like and do share on social media sites.

Apart from this if you have used cloudways hosting then please share your thoughts in the comment section below as this will further help our readers to make buying decisions. Also if you have any doubt or question about cloudways hosting then please ask us in the comment section below. Thank you.



Ease of use


Affordable Price




Overall Service



  • Really Cheap
  • Best Performance
  • Automated Backups
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Beginners Friendly


  • Don't have email service
  • No Domain Registration

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