20 Best Small Business Ideas in India

In Developing Countries Like India, the economy should substantially grow along with the individuals. Most people’s dream is to start a profitable business in India.

And in spite of this, they are constantly searching for the perfect business ideas in India to earn monetary value.
An individual needs to have a lot of passion and a proper business plan to execute. Also, funding backup is vital for the smoother operation of the businesses in India.

When you compare the world’s successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc, didn’t achieve success overnight.

Meantime, they spent a lot of time putting effort into their business growth and also left their comfort zone.
Doing a business is a long journey and a difficult one, but it’s worth it if you make it a habit. Success will be at your doorsteps.

You can be your boss, set your workplace, work style, etc. There is no limit in earnings from doing a profitable business rather than going for a job.

So, let’s learn about some profitable business ideas in India that give you maximum returns over some time.

Offline Business Ideas in India

small business ideas india


1.Tuition/ Coaching Classes

Education is a service where you can share your knowledge with others. Indian Education System is one of the best education systems in the World.

Luckily, there are huge job openings as well as businesses in the education sector. Did you just completed your secondary school (or) some colleges and got a graduation.

It’s time for you to start a home-tuition center without any investment. You can teach to any school students or first-year college students. All you need is a 10×10 room in your home (or) find any nearby place, buy some chairs, blackboard, and a duster to start.

You can either teach school academics like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Social Science, etc. If you know any foreign languages like German, Russian, or French, you can easily teach to working professionals, college students, etc.

Many educated people are generating a handsome income from these types of business ideas in India. There is always a demand for extra-coaching for all school students, college-goers, and even research scholars.

Just identify your skill and based on the subject knowledge, you can teach others. Sharpen your coaching skill to improve your business and in a short period of time, you can earn good credits in your local market.

More students will join your coaching center and simultaneously your income will grow. If you are interested to start as an institution, you can opt for a small business loan too.

Especially educated women, house-wives, home-moms can start this home-tuition from their home to earn some additional money to support their family.

2. Cooking Classes

No one in this world lives without eating. Working people, college students are most likely to eat outside in hotels, fast-food centers, etc. The hotel business is a booming industry in our country and you can see so many new startups were growing.

So, if you are specialized in cooking, cooking classes can be a great business idea in India. There is no huge investment required but you can earn some decent profits by teaching others how to cook?

You can even set up a home kitchen and need to buy some equipment, allied infrastructure, cooking ingredients, and a few other stuff. Cooking classes can be the best opportunity for housewives, stay-at-moms as they can balance their work and family priories.

They can spend their free time and/or leisure time to teach cooking to others for money. Similarly like other businesses, the first major decision is to follow your passion and set your goals and objectives of your business.

In recent days, the demand for high-end cooking classes dramatically increased in the urban population. Individuals are organizing cooking classes from home and teach others including working professionals, retired individuals, etc.

Even in Indian Television channels, there are a lot of cooking programs are being sponsored. Several programs also seeking chefs in their local and national markets for their channels.

So, there is no second option, this can be a great business if you perform it with your interest and passion. You can start from your home if you have a large space (or) rent a space to set your kitchen with the necessary infrastructure.

3. Event/ Wedding Planner

Events including family events like weddings, birthdays, get-together parties, weekend parties, etc. Corporate events like a product launch, anniversary, project completion, etc.

So, the entertainment industry is a never-ending sector where there is always a demand for fun. Some people have organizing skills and those with similar skills can become an event planner or event organizer.

Wedding – never go out of the fashion in our country ranges between “big fat Indian weddings” to “very private gatherings”. All these types of events need to be organized and pre-planned to make it more fun and memorable.

A recent study states that, in India, the wedding market was estimated to be around Rs. 30,000 crore in the year 2018. This industry indirectly supporting other sectors to grow on a large scale.

There presents a huge opportunity for wedding planners who are responsible for arranging, organizing, decorating, catering, and other events. There is no huge initial investment required to start an event planning business in your domestic market.

If you have a passion for organizing an event and able to plan, you can start this business. To start this business, you need to prepare a business card, a website to create and showcase your portfolio.

The event Planning industry is a booming segment in recent days. This is one of the finest business opportunity for individuals who can use their creativity to entertain others and earn some lucrative monetary gains.

4. Food Catering Business

Every people loves to eat a variety of foods. There are lots of new small food outlets, fast food centers are recently started in every corner of the streets.

When you visit busy cities in India, you can find many numbers of these street food centers. Catering is the core element of this food business whether it’s a small street-side hotel or a large corporate hotel.

A good caterer can attract more customers by cooking tasty and yummy foods. Not only in hotels but other occasions like birthdays, parties, weddings, anniversaries, etc. also involves food to offers and cater to the guests.

Food Catering Business is another separate segment in the food industry and profitable business ideas in India too. Initially, you can start this business for small functions in your local area.

Slowly you can increase your popularity and expand your market. A small investment is required to set up a kitchen (with facilities to cook for at least 100 – 150 persons). A few employees to cook, serve, and manage logistics.

You can start from a small investment (or) apply for a long to start this catering business. It is a year-round project so you will get orders regularly one after another like birthdays, weddings, temple functions, etc.

5. Fitness Centres

In India, most of the people are office goers and job doers. They mostly spend more than 10hours just sitting in a chair and working on the computer.

A recent study states that more than 65% of the Indian population are obese and they are mostly less than 35years of age.

Another interesting fact is that most youngsters have started nurturing health consciousness and doing a lot of things to keep their body and brain healthy.

So, all these events state that starting a fitness center in a prime location is a great business idea in India. Doing workouts in Gym helps to burn your few extra calories.

Many people started walking towards the fitness center and they made it their daily routine. To start a fitness center, you need to rent a space to install various gym equipment and develop the necessary infrastructure.

You can easily get fitness training in your local center and you can start your own fitness center. Working people will come any-time, so you need to open almost 16hours a day.

There is no big investment needed to start this business. First, find a prime location where there is no competition and rent (or) lease a small property to construct your center.

Then invest some money (or) borrow a loan to buy some types of equipment and install it. Small marketing can easily bring customers to your business place.

6. Boutique, Salon, Spa

Like Gym and Fitness Center, Boutique, Spa, and Salon are also increasingly growing and considered as the most demand in the public.

People are educated and most of them are spending a lot of money on their personal hygiene, fashion and grooming themselves. Today you can see a lot of small-startups like Nakshatra, Green Trends have grown dramatically with over 100s branches across India.

You need to complete a small course in beautician, parlors. Indian Government also encouraging females entrepreneurship programs by providing various courses in different government colleges in India.

Once you complete the course, you can then start your own Boutique (or) Salon (or) Beauty Parlour (or) Spa in your domestic market. You can also entrepreneur loan to start your start-up.

Initially start with a single branch and find partnerships, franchises, to turn into the biggest profitable business idea. Same like other businesses you need to rent (or) lease a room, buy some fashion kits, make-up materials, and some types of equipment and infrastructures.

7. Real Estate Agent

The business of selling lands and property is not new. It is an ancient form of business and it is a Gold Mine. A few years back, it is a golden period for many entrepreneurs who tapped into real estate and made millions of rupees.

When you ask your neighbor how he/she afford to buy a house with his/her salary, your answer will be earned money from real-estate. It is a process of selling lands, houses, and other properties between the people.

You will act as a mediator to arrange discussion meetings, prepare documents, and registering works. People are always searching for buying houses, lands, and buildings either for their own use (or) to rent.

So, there is always a great demand for real estate agents across India. The highlight is that there is no need to invest any money to become a real estate agent. You can do it as a part-time or weekend job to earn some lucrative money.

All you need is good communication skills, negotiation skills with marketing knowledge that attract buyers. On every successful completion of the business, you will earn a handsome commission.

Initially, it will be difficult because you don’t have any network (or) connection with builders, landowners, etc. Slowly you can gain more new connections thus helps your business growth.

When your business grows, the commission you earn will be more thus making it the most profitable business for your lifetime.

8. Tailoring

When I was a kid, there is only one tailoring shop in my village. But now, I can see nearly 10+ tailoring shops because as culture developed, people started to focus on fashion.

They are ready to spend a lot of money on trending fashion wears to make themselves unique and attractive. Thus, there is a significant increase in demand for tailoring which comes under the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Tailoring is the most lucrative business idea in India especially for stay-at-home-moms, housewives, etc. Nowadays, even other people are starting this as their full-time business.

The popularity of good tailors has raised tenfold in the metro and urban cities of India. Because people started to focus on unique and self-made designs.

They are showing more interest to wear unique garments and outfits. So, ultimately starting this business can be lucrative over some time.

You need to rent or lease a space in a prime location and invest some money in buying a few sewing machines, stitching machines, and allied machinery.

Start attracting your local people in your initial days and slowly you can gain popularity. You can also even start this business from your home by allocating a small room in your house.

9. Computer Training Center

We are living in a digital era where computers are being used everywhere. Our entire day to-day life revolves around computers. Apart from computers, other digital gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops, have occupied our space.

Hence, to survive in this digital world, one must have a basic idea of how a computer works and how to operate simple tools like Microsoft office, paint, PowerPoint, etc. In this era, there is an increased demand for computer literacy and proficiency.

Most of the students are joining computer-related degree courses in the colleges. But that is not enough to groom their career. They need to take side courses to excel in their field.

Increased demand to learn computers, programming in the areas of artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analytics, etc.

So, to satisfy these needs, starting a computer training center can be the best business ideas in India. If you are having sound knowledge of any software, you can simply start this business.

It requires some investment to rent (or) lease a small space to install computers. You can run multiple batches like daily, weekly, or even monthly.

College Students are ready to join to groom their career and working professionals want to excel in their career needs to take some courses. So, you can ultimately make a good profit from this business with some little investment.

10. Insurance Agent

If you are having a good communication skill and great convincing power, you can become an insurance agent. Insurance is a must-thing for every human being to manage emergencies.

We all are working to earn money for our living, but what if we met with an accident or become a victim of a serious disease. We need huge money for hospitals, treatments, and to manage day-to-day life.

No matter how healthy we are now or financially doing good, we don’t know when we will face complications. But if we ensure ourselves, the insurer pays money for our medical treatments and other expenses.

In India, there is an exam where you need to attend and complete to get certified as an insurance agent. Then, you can work for any insurance company in your domestic market selling their policies to the common people.

Excellent communication skill with negotiation is necessary. Other than that there is no investment required to become an insurance agent. With your convincing power, when you complete selling a plan, you will earn a good commission from the insurance company.

Online Business Ideas in India:

So far, we have gone through some offline business ideas and how to set up a business in our area. Now we will go through various online business ideas that you can even start from your home.

Today in this technological era, many people are searching for online jobs to work from home. Let me show you some profitable and easy to start business ideas in India.

1. Blogging

A Blog is a kind of informational website that gets updated frequently by a single blogger (or) a team of people. Every piece of information is published in the form of a blog post arranged in reverse chronological order.

The recently published post will appear on the top. Today blogging is the most lucrative online business idea for most people. Every day, a top domain registrar in India records nearly 1,25,000 new domain registration for blogging.

You can easily start a blog in any niche based on your passion and interest. Some common niches are money-making blogs, food blogs, affiliate marketing blogs, an entertainment blogs, etc. You can also start a fashion blog, education blog, news blog.

Follow your passion and choose a topic based on your interest. Then register a domain name and purchase web hosting (Usually shared web hosting is enough to start).

Nowadays, WordPress makes it easier to develop a website even a newbie can easily design a good-looking website. So, you need to buy a premium theme to get started. Proper keyword research and consistent content publication can help to rank your blog.

Once your blog started receiving a decent volume of traffic, you can monetize your blog. A lot of ways are being adopted to earn from blogging. Google Adsense, displaying advertisements, selling products, affiliate marketing are some of the common monetization methods.

I am generating nearly $500 from Google Adsense. Achieving success in blogging will take some time. So patience and hard work will surely give you great success in this profitable business.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another business idea in India suitable for college students, educated stay-at-home moms. Even working professionals can spend their free time working as an affiliate marketer.

It is a performance-based business model where an individual will earn a commission on selling a product or service. You do not actually need a product or service, but you can choose other merchant products to sell.

It can be anything like, in this blog, I am selling “WEB HOSTING” to my visitors. Affiliate marketing is considered the most profitable way to make some money from the Internet.

Select a product or service based on your interest and start selling on social media, by starting a blog, etc. There are so many ways to sell the products. Join a suitable affiliate program and create a free account, as most of the programs are free to join.

There is no need to invest any money to become an affiliate marketer. After registering your account, you will be given access to a dashboard where you can get an affiliate URL to start promoting online. Promote the product and earn commission on every successful purchase.

2. Freelancer Writer

Today all businesses are going online to reach the global market. If you don’t have an online presence, you are losing a lot of customers in this century. On another side, digital marketing is becoming a trend-setting that helps grow all businesses online.

Content is the King. It may be anything like website content, blog article, social media promotion content, magazine article, newspaper article, etc.

Most companies and entrepreneurs are hiring content writers to perform their writing tasks. Nowadays freelancer writing is becoming the most lucrative business idea in India.

If you are strong in English grammar and good writing skills, you can become a writer. There are so many opportunities that are available such as content writer, copywriter, ghostwriter, product description writer, etc.

You can easily find your career and grow together. Finding a freelance writing job is also an easy one because today almost 9 out of 10 websites require content writers. You can easily reach them via their contact form (or) write an email to them with your sample works.

An average writer working full-time is making up to Rs.50,000 a month from this business. You can set your own working hours and choose your employer. And you will get your payments immediately after completing the work.

3. Digital Marketer

Basically, digital marketing refers to a method of online marketing to promote a product or service. In the coming years, digital marketing is supposed to grow over $400 billion by 2021.

There are a huge demand and a large opportunity in this segment. There are many different designations in digital marketing that includes SEO Executive, SEO Analyst, Digital marketer, etc.

62% of the World’s population are using the internet every day in their lives through various mobile devices. And this digital marketing is targetting these users to pitch their products or services.

Online shopping had made wonders and most of the businesses started selling online. You can easily tap into this profitable business segment and level-up your skills by using certain tactics.

Between you can start this as a business like a freelance digital marketer or landing up in a high-profile job. The choice is Yours. You should know about online selling and marketing. Learn some digital marketing courses from any coaching centers to screw up your skills.

SEO executive, PPC expert, Digital marketer are the great business ideas suitable for youngsters who wish to start their digital career.

You can earn up to Rs.1,00,000 INR per month by starting this home-based online business. No investment to start and all you need is a computer or a laptop with an internet connection is enough to start.

4. App Developer

Mobile Applications are playing a crucial role in every industry making operations handy and easier. An App is a computer program that can be installed on any device to perform a business task or operations.

Today, there are lots of mobile apps were launched in every industry such as games, finance, entertainment, health, etc.

There are a lot of gaming apps are being developed every day. On another side, money-lending finance apps, budget apps, money management apps are growing simultaneously.

All these technology developments laid the foundation for the huge requirements for app developers. If you are knowing programming, software coding, you can easily start an online business online.

You need to have a computer or laptop with an internet connection. Find some companies to work for them as a freelancer. Learn new software programming and groom your skills to turn app development into profitable business ideas for your future.

You need apps for Android, IOS, Blackberry operating systems, etc. A freelance app developer in India is earning between Rs.20,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month from this home business.

5. Web Developer

Similarly, Web Development is also thriving on a large scale in the online industry. Every business requires a website to showcase their product or services to the world.

A website is a virtual home where visitors come to visit your website to buy your products or services. India is a developing start-up hub, hence, web development has become the most profitable business ideas in India.

It is an ever-growing industry. From E-commerce, social media, small businesses, entertainment to promotional, MNC businesses all have their own websites.

We come across many different websites every single day in our life. All these websites are developed and managed by web developers. The web developer is the one who writes source code to develop a website and make it functional for the people.

He/she is also responsible for designing, developing, programming, and maintaining the website. You can initially start as an intern and gradually groom your career to turn into a successful business from home.

Attend seminars, network yourself, take freelance projects in Upwork Fiverr to grow your career. Put Your Code in GitHub where you can leverage a great business potential.

6. Domain Flipping

It is a method of buying a domain name at a cheaper price and selling it on demand for a higher price. The domain flipping becomes one of the lucrative business models to make money online.

You can make money by buying domain names and selling them. This business requires some expertise and practice in finding the right niche to buy.

Every business requires an online website and these websites can be identified by typing a domain name in the web browser. After the visitors type the domain name, he/she will be taken to the respective business website.

If you are talented in choosing the right domain at the right time to register and sell, you can earn a significant profit from domain flipping.

Many people are doing this as a full-time business because it requires a little effort and forecasting skill. You need to search for the right domain which can be branded, relevant, short, and easy to remember.

Register the domain name at a lesser price and list the domain name in the auction sites like GoDaddy, Flippa, etc.

When some show interest to buy the domain name, they need to buy at the set selling price done by you. Thus you can make a profitable income from selling domains.

7. Stock Marketing Trader

Trading is recently becoming the most profitable business ideas in India. Especially, the stock market trading industry is recently booming on a large scale in India.

Stocks are a type of security given to the investor as shares by the company. The company in this way can generate capital for its business growth and expansion.

There are lots of broking agencies recently started in India allowing people to buy and sell stocks through an exchange. A broker is a licensed person who learned the stock market and how it works?

You can either become a stockbroker allowing common people to buy and sell stocks for a small commission. Another way is you can join any trading platform with or without investment.

Trading can be a successful online business idea if you are having strong market knowledge and operations. You can even do this as a full-time business from home buying company stocks at a lesser price and selling the stocks when the prices increase.

You can generate considerable money from this business.

8. Sell Photos Online

Do you like to click pictures at every special moment or at functions or parties? Then, this can be a great business idea suitable for you to make money from home.

Many photographers are selling their photos online and making a great deal of money. There are so many marketplaces are available online to buy your photos and pictures.

Some of the common websites are iStock Photos, Shutter Stock, 500px .com are ready to buy your photos. The photos must be unique, high resolution, and impressive.

Many large organizations, small to medium-sized businesses, bloggers, graphic designers use photos regularly for their work. So there is a great demand always for photos online.

You can turn this into a full-time business if you have a good professional camera and any photo-editing software to do some modifications. You take a good photo, edit the photo to make it appealing, and upload the photo to any photo selling sites.

When someone buys the photo, you will earn between 20% to 80% commission on every successful sale. So more downloads more revenue, thus turning this into a profitable online business from home.

9. Start a YouTube Channel

Recently, nearly 76% of internet users are watching videos on the Internet. YouTube is one of the largest video blogging platforms, helping people to generate money by publishing their videos online.

Starting a YouTube Channel gives you great potential for generating large money by publishing useful and interesting videos. You need to create an agreement on account with YouTube and start publishing useful videos to the public.

It can be anything like education, tutorials, online courses, gardening, home decoration, etc. Recently Prank VIdeos are going viral, so you can try one.

You can generate money by showing ads, promoting products or services either at the start or end of the video, etc. Also host some paid promotions in between eh videos to earn a handful of money.

You need to invest a small in buying a professional video camera to shoot high-resolution video and editing software to make the video pleasent. Then, a small digital marketing strategy can help you drive visitors thus generate more money in the wheel.


In today’s world, starting a business is everyone’s dream. Also, you need to have the necessary skills to ensure a professional business function.

Unless you will end up nothing. Before venturing into any business ideas, it is advisable to know the legal structures, business formation procedures, and other legal concerns.

Always spend some time to grow your skills, learn new things in your industry. This will help you survive in this competitive world. Business success depends on many factors including market conditions.

To start a business at the right time and during the demand. Decide whether you go with an online business Or offline business model. The above business ideas in India can help you decide the perfect business startup for your career.

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