29 Blogging Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Are you looking for the best blogging tips and tricks so you are in the right place because here I am going to share the best blogging tips and tricks for new bloggers and beginners. If you want to learn and understand every secret blogging tips and tricks which I personally follow then please read this complete article once.

And I guarantee you that you will know all the successful blogging tips and tricks which nobody shares with anyone. Here I am going to share all my secret blogging tricks which are going to help you immensely and will clearly give you the right path to progress in your blogging journey.

I pretty much remember everything when I was a beginner and wanted to start my blog and make money but to make money I needed a decent amount of traffic but during the initial days, I was hardly getting any traffic from google since my blog was very new.

So I started learning more and more about blogging and begin to follow other pro bloggers of that time and learned many new blogging skills which helped me a lot.

Here I am not going to share some mediocre stuff, I am going to literally teach you A to Z of blogging from start to finish and how you must start your blog and what all things you must keep in your mind if you want to take your blog to the next level and make it successful and make money from it.

When I started blogging my dream was to become a full-time blogger but honestly, that was not easy. I literally have done many mistakes in the past which I don’t want that to happen with you.

Guys this article will be long but I bet you that after reading this whole article you will really thank me for sharing this.

So friends are you ready? Then sit back, hold a coffee in your hand, and read this complete article and make sure that you understand what I am telling you.

29 Blogging Tips And Tricks For Beginners

blogging tips tricks beginners

1. Start Learning Immediately:

This is very important because I have seen many people who just get motivated by reading anybody’s income report and immediately go on to book their domain name and buy web hosting.

It is good that you are taking action, but let me tell you that before starting your first blog make sure that you do your homework properly.

Like niche or topic selection, what will be your domain name, which hosting you are going to buy etc. I would recommend you to take some time and think properly about all these things before taking out your credit card and start buying all these things.

Also, this will really help you to clear many doubts and learn some basics before writing your first post. I did this same mistake and by the time I had like 30 blog posts then I realized I was doing many mistakes which I was not supposed to do.

Then I had to edit all my older posts, do proper SEO, and do many other things. This wasted so my time so much because I really hurried up in starting my blog without doing proper research.

I choose the wrong domain name, poor hosting and most importantly I was writing very thin content. Just because at that time I was a complete beginner and did not give time to learn the basics before starting my first blog.

It is not a hard and fast rule but my advice is that please do some proper research and give like 2 weeks to learn the basics then start your blogging journey.

2.  Brainstorm Ideas

The first and very most important thing you must do is to brainstorm all the niche ideas which come in your mind and write it down on a notepad or anywhere else.

Then carefully think about those topics and filter out all the niches in which you are least interested. This will help you to narrow down your ideas and in the end, you will have 1 or 2 niches in which you are really passionate about and then you can decide on which topic you want to start your blog.

Make sure that whichever topic or niche you choose you must really have the passion for that and must have a great deal of knowledge to write hundreds of high-quality articles around that topic.

This will really help you to build an authority blog in your niche.

3. Right Niche (Topic):

The next most important thing you must do is to select the right niche in which you are really passionate about or at least you have some interest in that niche.

Because I have seen many pro bloggers who are doing blogging in a niche where they don’t know much about the topic but have a little idea and they hire content writers to get their job done.

But my advice to you is not to take this approach first, of course, you can do that later when you gain some experience and know-how this blogging stuff works.

When you are starting your first blog just select the niche or topic in which you will really love to write about. Because blogging is not a short-term business.

You will have to regularly publish new articles on your blog to get more traffic and higher rankings on Google and other search engines.

4. Don’t Copy Others

This is the mistake that I did when I was a beginner. I was literally starting a new blog every week thinking that I will make every blog successful and make heck lot of money.

I was looking at other pro bloggers and trying to make my blog on that particular niche. But regardless of having very little knowledge about that niche I really got frustrated and after some time I was not having any new content ideas in my head nor do I was making any money from Adsense.

So don’t do that and don’t copy other pro bloggers. I assure you that just follow your passion and choose the topic which interests you and you will become successful in that niche.

No matter how much money others are making from that niche you just cannot be successful in a particular niche if you don’t have the right knowledge and passion for that topic.

5. Narrow Down Your Niche

This is a very important thing which you must remember especially if you are a new blogger or beginner or you are going after a very competitive niche.

Because I personally made this mistake by choosing a very broad niche in my early days and was not able to rank my blog.

To be really honest I was very greedy and I simply wanted to make more money no matter how competitive the niche was, it least bothered me but this was my biggest mistake which I realized later on.

My main motto was to make a blog on a highly competitive niche and earn a good amount of money with Google Adsense.

At that time I was not aware of any other ways to make money from blogs and this is the same with every newbie blogger.

I used to read articles about high paying Adsense niches or keywords and without worrying about the competition and the SEO difficulty I started my blog on that niche.

But after writing many articles I was not able to rank and then I realized that I was targeting a very competitive niche on which there are many big and very powerful authority blogs that are owned by very big companies and brands.

So I realized that I have to change my approach and after that, I always did the proper analysis of any particular niche or keywords before starting any blog and this helped me a lot.

The lesson for you here is not to target competitive niche like weight loss, mortgage, insurance, credit cards, etc. Unless if you have a very big marketing budget or you really have an expertise in that niche.

Because nowadays google also takes a look at who is the author behind the blog? Does he or she have the authority in that niche or what is the credibility of that source?

6. Branded Domain

Try to go with a domain name that sounds like a brand however you don’t have to stress about this a lot however make sure that your domain name does not look spammy.

I have seen many domain names that look so spammy that we cannot trust them and google also prefers branded domains.

You can, of course, go with a partial matching keyword-rich domain name but I would recommend you to stay away from an exact match domain name.

There were days when they used to work really well but now they don’t have that much impact on your search rankings.

Also, in the future, if you decide to expand from your niche then you will not be able to do that and this will restrict your capability to cover different topics.

Branded domain sets you apart from the rest of your competitors as your name is unique and easy to remember.

For example: let’s say that you have a domain name like mywebhosting.com and suppose there are many other blogs that are similar to yours like bestwebhosting.com, topwebhosting.com, webhostingblog.com, etc.

All the above-mentioned domain names are looking similar to each other and this is where branded domains set you apart and make your unique identity on the internet.

Choose a short domain that contains 2 to 3 words max and anything above that is not recommended since it will be really difficult for your readers to type as well as remember.

7. Choose Good Web Host

This is again a very crucial step which you must take. Taking into consideration that there are many free blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, or Wix but unless you can’t afford to invest some money in choosing the good web hosting for your blog then it’s completely alright to go with these free blogging platform.

But if you have some budget then I would highly recommend starting with a self-hosted WordPress blog because it gives you more flexibility to customize your blog according to your needs.

Another very big downside of these free blogging platforms is that they can delete your blog if you don’t follow their guidelines without any prior notice and this will really take away all your hard efforts in building the content for that blog.

You can take the backups but in the end, the customization factor is a very big deal. If you are planning to make money with Google AdSense or affiliate marketing with your blog then placing the affiliate links and managing them will be really hard on these free blogging platforms.

Also with Google Adsense, you don’t have complete freedom about the placements of these ads. Overall if you will think that these free blogging platforms are giving us very limited functionality and freedom to customize our blog.

So if you can afford to spend few bucks a month on good quality hosting then it will be the best thing you can do for your blog and this will take all the hassles of migrating your blog from these free blogging platforms to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Especially if you are a beginner or new blogger than obviously, you will not have that much knowledge about migrating a free blogger or WordPress blog to the self-hosted platform and it is a little bit technical also.

Taking into consideration that you are completely a beginner it will really very hard to make sure that everything is working fine after the blog migration.

But then again it all depends on your budget. Nowadays to start a self-hosted WordPress blog you can literally buy web hosting at a very cheap price which will cost you around 4 to 5 dollars per month.

Now you have to decide whether you want to start with a free blogging platform or a self-hosted WordPress blog. If you will ask me than I would say that go with a self-hosted WordPress blog as the starting cost is very low.

Bluehost is a good and very reliable web hosting company right now in the market which also offers a free domain if you will buy any of their shared hosting plans.

Shared hosting will be more than enough to start your new blog as in the initial few months your blog is probably not going to get a very large amount of traffic.

Later on when your traffic increases you can anytime upgrade your plan whenever you want to get more resources to manage your blog.

Apart from this blue host has been in the web hosting business for a very long time and they have 24×7 calls and chat support which will help you to solve any technical problems if it arises.

8. Do Keyword Research

Before writing any blog post you must do your keyword research carefully and select long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are easy to rank as compared to broad keywords.

For example: If your target keyword is “Make money online” then don’t just start writing the blog post. Instead, do some careful keyword research to find long-tail keywords that has a decent amount of traffic.

Since your blog is very new your domain will not have that much authority to rank for these broad term keywords.  Instead of these, you can go with keywords like ” How to make money online for students”, ” How to make money online for beginners”, ” 25 Easy Ways to make money online for housewives”  etc.

You can find more similar keywords if you will do the keyword research properly. This technique will be very useful for your new blog to get some traffic in the initial days.

Later on, after your blog gains some authority in that niche you can target more competitive keywords but at the beginning targeting these high competitive keywords is not going to work for you.

There are very good keyword research tools like SemRush, ahrefs, Longtail pro in the market which will help you to find less competitive keywords that you can target in your blog posts.

9. Do Some Homework

I know how curious you are to just publish your first blog post but wait before jumping in your post editor to write your post. I would suggest you take a look at what others have published on their blog or what type of content is currently present right now no the internet.

The idea behind this is not to copy them but to know the idea of how you can present your article in a much better way than it is present on the web right now.

Go through a few articles and this will really help you gain some ideas about the stuff which you didn’t’ have in your mind or were not aware of.

The whole point is to gain as much knowledge about that particular topic so that when you start writing the post you have all the knowledge and ideas to craft your post in the best possible way and differentiate your content from others.

10. Take Your Time

This is the part which most of the newbie bloggers and beginners don’t get hold off. They just want to hit that publish button as soon as their hands get tired or they get bored by typing.

But this is not the right thing to do. I personally did this mistake in the beginning but now I don’t publish my articles in hurry.

If the article is going to be longer then I write a few hundred words on each day and save it as a draft. Later on when I feel like writing again I just resume from where I left off.

Never publish an article just because you think that it will be enough or you don’t feel like writing more. Take your time and when you feel happy about the length of the article and you believe that I have written all the necessary things which make your post good enough to rank high in the search engine results then you can go ahead and publish your article.

11. Quality Matters A Lot

Nowadays google focuses more on quality content than on quantity. It doesn’t matter how many articles you publish on your blog what matters the most is the quality of your content.

If your blog sucks in terms of quality then your post is not going to rank well in the search results. Why I am sharing this point is because in the beginning days many new bloggers have more focus on publishing as many articles as possible.

They simply just ignore the quality part and try to increase the number of posts in their archive to make their blog look big with a huge number of articles.

But does that really helps? No, If you are not publishing high-quality content then forget about ranking high in google or any other search engine.

It’s ok to publish just 1 article in a week rather than publishing 7 low-quality articles every day which never lands anywhere in terms of quality and rankings.

You must have heard the quote in the content writing industry that “content is the king” but I would like to reframe the sentence to “Quality content is the king”.

Because only the quality content will be able to get higher rankings in google. I have seen many bloggers who just focus on publishing as much content on their blogs as possible.

Yes, frequently posting new articles is good, but it must also be original and quality content then only it’s fruitful.

If you are posting 10 articles per day on your blog and they are all thin content then it’s better to not post any content on your blog.

Because your articles are not going to rank high on google then what’s the point in publishing 10 articles per day.

If you take 1 week to write 1 high-quality article then it’s really worth it and in the long run, your articles are going to get lots of organic traffic from Google and other search engines.

12. Regularly Update Your Blog

This is another very important thing to keep in mind that you must regularly keep updating your blog with fresh content as much as possible.

Because Google now has the freshness factor in their ranking algorithm and they now rank updated content above older content.

Every now and then try to update your old post as well and make sure you publish new articles on a regular basis on your blog.

This will increase your blog authority in the eyes of Google and this will also help you to get more traffic.

I see a lot of beginner bloggers getting very excited in the beginning and they write lots of posts in their very first week or month but after that, they just forget everything that they have a blog or not.

They don’t update their blog for a very long duration and this brings their traffic down as well as their rankings form various search engines.

A Blog that gets regularly updated with high quality and fresh content has more chances to rank higher in the search results as compared to a blog that is only updated once in a month.

13.  Maintain a Post Frequency

In order to make your blog successful you need to maintain your blogging frequency this means that you must post new articles in your blog at regular intervals.

Especially if your blog is new then maintaining a regular block posting frequency I will help Google to index your new post very quickly in Google search results.

As I said earlier that regularly updating your blog sends a very positive signal to Google that you are very serious with your blog.

Later down the road when you are blogs become a little bit older then at that time you can double-check your block posting frequency.

But in the initial days, you have to post regular articles to increase your blog authority in eyes of Google.

But this does not mean that you can publish low-quality articles on your blog. You have to maintain the quality of your articles and make sure that you publish only high-quality articles on your blog.

Because some people might take it wrong and think that in order to maintain a proper blogging frequency they need to publish 1 or 2 articles per day.

Well, this is not compulsory, what I am trying to say is no matter which blogging frequency you are comfortable with but make sure that you follow it regularly with respect to maintaining your article quality.

14. Learn basic SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and this is very important to learn especially if you want your blog post how to rank higher in Google and in other search engines.

There are many useful articles already published which you can read or you can watch YouTube videos to learn some basic SEO skills.

Without learning basic SEO skills your blog post might be not able to rank higher in Google and other search engines.

With basic SEO skills and good quality articles, you will increase your chances to rank higher in search engines.

I would recommend you before posting your first article give yourself some time to learn some basic skills and then start posting the article on your blog.

It will hardly take 2 to 3 days to learn basic SEO skills and later you can keep learning more.

When I started blogging I didn’t know what is SEO either, but I get learning and learning eventually I was able to become good at it.

And the same thing will happen to you also. So don’t stress about learning all the as your skills in one day it will eventually happen over time.

But most important is to keep on learning and this is what I did also.

15. Provide Real Value

If you want to become a successful blogger then you must provide real value to your readers and then only you will be able to take your blog to the next level.

If your blog is really helping your readers to learn something useful or to solve any problem they are facing then this will help your blog to gain trust from your readers.

If you are really putting your efforts to help your readers then believe me that you are going to make a full-time living from your online blogging business.

16. Build Your Audience

This is the most important thing if you want to become a successful blogger. Focus on building your audience by providing them with real high-quality articles.

Nowadays, Google is doing lots of algorithm updates every month, and day by day the traffic to the online publishers is going down.

You never know what Google will do next, so it’s better to not completely rely on Google for organic traffic. If you have your audience then no matter what happens at least your loyal readers will be visiting your blog regularly to check new articles.

17. Don’t Focus on Money Initially

I have seen many newbie bloggers who write the 15 articles on their blog and apply for Google Adsense. I am not saying that you should not apply for Google Adsense, you can but first focus on driving more traffic to your blog.

You can only make a decent amount of money from Google Adsense if your blog gets lots of organic traffic. Many newbie bloggers focus on referral traffic but if you are planning to make money from Google Adsense then try to get more organic traffic.

This rule applies to all the monetization strategies that you are thinking to apply on your blog but this will only work when you have a good amount of traffic.

Of course, when your blog starts to get good traffic then you must definitely monetize your blog and start making money.

18. Clean and SEO Friendly Theme

Now let’s move ahead and choose a neat and clean SEO friendly WordPress theme. Make sure that the theme is not very fancy well what I really mean to say there your theme must look professional.

There are many free WordPress themes available in the WordPress repository. Also, there are many premium WordPress themes available which work wonderfully.

Now again that depends upon your choice whether you want to go with a free or paid WordPress theme.

If you would like my recommendation then I would recommend Astra pro and generate press premium WordPress theme.

Right now they are the most popular WordPress themes available in the market. And the good news is in the WordPress repository there are free versions of Astra and generate press themes available which you can download for free and install in your WordPress blog.

One most important thing I would like to share with you is never to go with nulled or cracked WordPress themes because you never know which malicious code they have injected in the cracked WordPress theme.

If you are looking for a free theme then you must always select it from the WordPress repository. On the other hand, if you are looking for a premium WordPress theme then always buy from legitimate sources.

19. Be Selective With Plugins

Well, this is the part where most beginners go crazy. In the WordPress repository, you can find an unlimited number of free plugins that you can download in your WordPress blog.

It’s very exciting to see different plugins performing different actions. But one thing I would like to suggest you is that don’t go mad about plugins.

Always try to install only those plugins which are required. It’s OK to try a few different plugins but keep the plugins that are only required and remove all the unnecessary plugins.

Many beginner bloggers think that if you don’t require a particular plugin then we can deactivate that and keep it in our WordPress blog.

This is a very big mistake because even though you have deactivated the plugin but it is still consuming the space from your server.

Moreover, the more plugins your WordPress blog will have the more your block will load slowly.

Always try to keep the number of plugins to a minimum as this will help your WordPress blog to load faster.

Always try to install only those plugins which are regularly updated. I would recommend you to check their last updated date.

And never install a plugin that has not been updated recently. Because it might break your WordPress site or it might be incompatible with your WordPress install.

20. SEO Friendly Permalink Structure

Before publishing any blog post you must change your default permalink structure. When you do a fresh WordPress install than the default permalink structure not at all SEO friendly.

It will be something like this yourdomain.com/?p=123. So you must change is permalink structure to a more SEO friendly structure.

Simply go to Settings>> Permalinks and select the post name as your default permalink structure.

This is a more SEO friendly permalink structure which will definitely help your blog post to rank higher in the search engines.

21. Install an SEO plugin

This is very important especially if you are a new blogger and don’t have any idea about Search Engine Optimisation.

The SEO plugin will help you to make your blog post more SEO friendly by giving some suggestions.

For beginners, it is very useful since you don’t know much about Search Engine Optimisation it will definitely help you to write SEO friendly articles.

There are many SEO plugins available right now but the two most popular WordPress SEO plugins are Yoast plugin and the rank math plugin.

I would recommend you go with either of them but my personal choice is rank math SEO plugin.

Why because it gives more features as compared to Yoast SEO plugin. Well, both are free plugins but the choice depends on you.

22. Install Image Compressor

This is again a very useful trick for newbie bloggers because the images which you upload in your WordPress blog will be very big in size by default.

And over the time if you have like a thousand block posts then the size of the images will be very large.

Google now ranks the pages which load very quickly and this is one of the most important search engine ranking factors.

By installing and compressing your default images will help you to reduce the size of the images which ultimately reduces the overall page size of your blog post.

You can also select your images to be automatically compressed while on upload and this will really help to save your time since you don’t have to manually compress the uploaded images again and again.

This will definitely help your blog post to load very quickly since it will be very small in size.

The plugin which I am using is imagify and I simply love this plugin. You can download it for free from the WordPress repository.

This plugin comes with a free and pro version. If you upload more images in your WordPress blog then I would recommend you purchase their Pro plan as it gives more image compression data.

But if you upload few images in a month then the free plan will be more than sufficient.

23. Install a Backup Plugin

Just imagine what will happen if something goes wrong with your hosting or you might accidentally do something wrong with your WordPress blog then in this case you will lose all your hard work.

But thanks to the various backup plugins available in the market. This will help you to restore your blog If in case something goes wrong.

You can restore your complete blog with just one click. I would recommend you to go and install a backup plugin for your WordPress blog.

The very best backup plugin right now is updraft plus and it is a free plugin to use. They also have premium plans but for beginners, the free plugin will do the necessary work.

After installing the plugin you don’t have to manually take the backup it will do it automatically for you.

I would recommend you select a third party storage location for your back-ups like google drive or dropbox.

You must never store your backup on your live server because if something happens to your server or it crashes then your backup will be gone forever.

There is no way that you can restore your blog and this is why I always recommend storing your backup on third party sites as this is a more safe option.

Now, no matter what happens with your hosting server you will be always having your backup files safely in your third-party location which you can use to restore your blog completely.

Right now there are many WordPress hosting which is providing backup features in their plans. One of my favorites is cloudways, they offer complete server backup on third party sites which you can restore with just one click.

You can individually take the backup of your sites or application whenever you want.

They have the function to schedule your backup also. So if you are interested then you can always buy cloudways web hosting.

They are incredibly very cheap and their servers are lightning-fast since they are cloud hosting providers.

The starting cost will be $10 per month for digital Ocean servers. I am personally using cloudways web hosting for this blog.

In the future, I will do the complete review of cloud-based web hosting but for now, this is it.

24. Submit Your Site in Search Console

It is very important to submit your site in the search console. It is a free service provided by Google which will help google search engines to index your blog post and pages quickly in their search results.

You must also submit your sitemap in Google search console this will help Google to find your new pages and blog posts and index them quickly.

Apart from this, you will get a performance report as well as very crucial data about your WordPress blog.

25. Set your target location in the search console

This is also a very important setting in Google search console which most beginners forget to set.

First of all, you have to know your primary target audience and select that location in the Google search console geo-targeting section.

Like for example, if your targeted audience is in the USA then select the US from the drop-down list.

If your target audience is in the United Kingdom then select the UK from the drop-down list.

If you want your blog to get traffic from all over the world and not any specific country or location then you must select unlisted from the drop-down menu.

This is super important for those who have local businesses. I will be writing a detailed post on this topic in the future.

26. Build Your Blog

Now it is the time to do some heavy duty blogging because if you want to become a suffessful blogger then you will have to put in all your efforts to lift your blog above your competitors.

Because now the competition is very high no matter in which niche you are blogging and you must really write good and high quality articles and then only your chances to rank that post higher in search engines will increase.

Otherwise there are literally millions of blog posts daily gets published on the internet so to make your article stand out and stay high in search results for longer time you must work really hard.

Since you are a beginner, I would recommend you to daily post 1 high quality article on your blog and that’s it. There is no need to hurry.

Why I am suggesting you to post only 1 article per day is that many new bloggers simply just start publishing low quality content just to increase the total number of blog post published on their blog.

But to be frank this approach is not going to help you in anyways. You will get get exhausted and no results will flourish. So start slow but only hit the publish button when you are you hundred percent sure that you have done a good job in crafting a good quality content.

27. Earn Some Google Love

Google is the number 1 search engine in the world right now. So it makes more sense to focus more in getting organic traffic from google search results.

When you start posting only high quality articles on your blog then Google will definitely recognize it and reward your blog post high rankings in search results.

Googe is no more a just a search algorithm but you can assume that now Google is more capable to think like humans. Sounds strange right but yes not Google is focusing more and more to understand the search queries like how humans understand.

Believe me that if you will gain google trust and love then you can get good organic traffic to your blog.

28. Use Images and Video

Try to make your blog post more appealing to your visitors by embedding more visual images and videos. This will make your blog post media rich content and helps your readers to understand your content more easily.

But this does not mean that you overdo it. Only embed images and videos where it makes sense and will help your readers to understand your content more.

You can also embed infographics and other useful youtube videos. I would recommend you to shoot a video for the most important blog posts and embed it. This will really make your blog post a very high quality article.

The best and free tool to design your own images is canva and I personally use it daily to design images for my blog posts.

If you don’t want to design your images you can also use free stock images from various websites and use them in your articles. But I would recommend you to use canva to make your images as it is very easy and within a few minutes you will be able to design a very good photos for your blog posts.

29. Install Grammarly Extension

No matter how carefully you type your words and sentences there will be always some grammar and spelling mistakes. Google really don’t like articles that have too many grammar and spelling mistakes.

This is the reason why I recommend you to install free Grammarly Extension. It is available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Right now Grammarly is the best Grammer and spelling checker tool available on the internet. This single tool will help you to write your content without any grammar and spelling mistakes.

Grammarly comes with the pro version as well in which you will get more advanced features. If you want you can buy it because this is only going to help you to write more compelling content.

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So guys these are the best blogging tips and tricks for beginners. I really tried my level best to point out all the necessary and very important points in this post.

I will keep updating this post as an when required. If you like this post then please give this post a thumbs up and share it with your friends on social media sites.

If you want to ask any questions to me then feel free to drop a comment below. Also please share your thoughts about this post with me. Till then keep reading other posts.

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